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I want to invite you in with a kick in the teeth and a kiss on the mouth. Before I do, I must warn you... Love Bites....but so do I
RED LION PA....or more frequently "Bouncin' Betty"


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Lzzy...I'll be seeing you at the Palladium in Worcester Ma on 11-29. I have a VERY unique gift for you, something that I think will not only symbolize the passing of "Rock Goddess" status to you that had been Ann Wilson's (deservedly so, and forever in "Emeritus" status), but will be an immediately cool & unique trend especially geared to you in your newly enthroned position. Others may follow, but I will have started it, and that's cool from a semi-retired musician (me <------).

I thought about trying the gift-giving as a lead-in to "What Were You Expecting?" ("It was just one kiss"...). I'm married, and my wife of 10 years & together of 20 will be next to me, and knows of my idea, so no worries there, I get one free kiss...on the cheek, or I'll be buying her something considerably more than your gift is. The choice is, of course, yours.

Y'can't miss me, I'll be the long-haired blown-knee cripple in leather jacket, snake boots & cane. I can even check in with club/your band security to show what I have in mind, and let them examine my gift for whatever reason/need they feel is needed. Again former local circuit playing musician, I understand

The song cue & (at least pretend) fond kiss or wherever'd be satisfactory, but a pic with you and the band would be incredible indeed.

Thanks...hope you see this before the 29th.

BTW, the real name's Rik.

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Lzzy, I asked my daughter to pick whatever band she wanted to see for her first concert and she picked Halestorm. I gotta say that she couldn't have picked a better first concert as you did not disappoint. You are by far the best live singer I have ever witnessed.Thank you for being that person my kid can admire and that person I can be proud to say that she admires. I look forward to your band coming back to Iowa and anxiously await your next album. Good luck to you and all the amazing things you are doing and creating. Thank you for being you!

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Lzzy, I beg for a response as I want to make sure you get the custom vest I made for you that was posted at scissorhappy and fanfueled. I sent it to The Grove Studio. It was the only studio that is a church I could find in TN. I want you to get it so badly. Please advise when and if you do? If any of your staff sees this and can get an answer it would be greatly appreciated.

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Lzzy, I beg for a response as I want to make sure you get the custom vest I made for you that was posted at scissorhappy and fanfueled. I sent it to The Grove Studio. It was the only studio that is a church I could find in TN. I want you to get it so badly. Please advise when and if you do? If any of your staff sees this and can get an answer it would be greatly appreciated.

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Lzzy, I beg for a response as I want to make sure you get the custom vest I made for you that was posted at scissorhappy and fanfueled. I sent it to The Grove Studio. It was the only studio that is a church I could find in TN. I want you to get it so badly. Please advise when and if you do? If any of your staff sees this and can get an answer it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Lzzy!
I wanna know: during all these years on the road with the guys, many challenges on your way to face, have you ever felt insecurity or disappointment about any challenge or doubt you had? How you usually deal with? If you didn't felt, which advice could you give about all these bad feelings like “I don't know if I'm able to do this!”?

I’m a big fan! You're my favorite rock singer!

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I can't see a way to start a new post. Hope Lzzy sees this...

Lzzy, I beg for a response as I want to make sure you get the custom vest I made for you that was posted at scissorhappy and fanfueled. I sent it to The Grove Studio. It was the only studio that is a church I could find in TN. I want you to get it so badly. Please advise when and if you do? If any of your staff sees this and can get an answer it would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. It was a nice and a welcomed surprise on an otherwise dreary day here in NY where my Mom is having emergency surgery. I cant thank you guys enough for the most amazing music I have ever heard. The music and your voice are a source of daily inspiration for me. You guys inspire me every day and your voice makes me want to bring the same passion, drive, determination and desire to my voice and to my life. Thank you guys for all that you do, for all that you have gone through to get here, and all that you give back to your fans and to the industry. And congratulations on shatter me with Lindsey Stirling which is definitely one of my favorite songs ever. Ill see you on November 28th at the Starland ballroom in NJ with a whole multitude of friends. And while there is no meet and greet for that event, I hope to someday meet you guys. Saw you last year at Terminal 5 NYC day after Thanksgiving as well and it was an AMAZING show. Hopefully this will be a yearly Thanksgiving tradition. All the best always.

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Hi Lzzy, Seen you guys at the taste of Minnesota on July 5th 2014, your powerful vocals and the bands kick-ass sound, blew me away. Hope to see you back in MN soon. Long live Halestorm.

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About 3 years ago I was getting ready to meet Pat Benatar for the first time. I rented an entire bar and had a party couple days beforehand. I had the VJ play only Pat videos for the first 2 hours of the party, then later mix it up. While he was queueing some stuff up, he called me over and said check out this band... aka Halestorm.

It was the song I Get Off. I became an instant fan!.

In a few months I get to do a meet and greet with yall. Talk about coming full circle! (was backstage with pat and neil earlier this year and got a guitar which I am learning to play, I will never play as well as you and Neil, but yall are inspirations along with others.)

Love your music, and can't wait to see you in concert again!

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I love you and your music too much but ı have never seen you before in Turkey if you want you can come to turkey and give a little music show to us thank you for listening me I LOVE U TOO MUCH

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Just watched Joan Jett at Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga,TN. When I first heard and saw you I thought you were a combination of Joan Jett and the Wilsons from Heart. In anticipation of seeing Joan this week I have been listening to her and some of "The Runaways". If you do another reanimate album you have to do a Runaways song called "Johnny Guitar". Hope ya'll are doing well.

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Love your work on the new Lindsey Stirling release. For those that don't know, Lzzy joins Lindsey on the title track of "Shatter Me" which was released yesterday (4/29). It sounds great!

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You are amazing LZZY! and I love your voice!

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Since you'll be in Des Moines, Iowa in about you make a quick stop in Council Bluffs or Omaha!?

REALLY miss you guys!!


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come to Ireland pleeeeeeeeeaase! I'm dying to see you guys live!

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hi, my name is Jaya and i became obsessed with Halestorm several months ago. i want to thank you, because your music brought me out of a pretty dark place in my life and got me back into what i love more than anything: singing. you are my idol. i know you probably won't see this and if you do you won't pay attention, but thank you.

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Hi Lzzy , my name is Phill im from the UK and I am a freelancer in the UK Film and TV industry who has worked with musicians before (I'll post link at the end) and I know you are playing in the UK next month I am a big fan and looking to expand my own portfolio and wondered if you would like to wokr together when you are in the UK do a follow up to your 2011/2012 12 minute documentary on youtube with an updated 2014 rockumentary? I would not charge for time, accept travel and accomodation unless I joined you ont the bus, as I am a fan and I also think that what you do is so good that you deserve all the help you can get to promote your awesome band if not I do hope to attend one of the shows probably London if I can. Thanks Phill This is a music video I did for a UK band Fury last year, ive also worked on a charity metal tour in the uk and there is a documentary to go with this video shcedueled to come out

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Caught yall in Chattanooga in July then couple months later braved possible hurricane in Mobile, Al. No hurricane but unfortunately got sick from the heat about a hour before you performed and missed you. I have tickets and hotel for Nashville at the end of March. I am determined to see yall. So I don't care if I get sick they will have to carry me away in an ambulance before I miss yall again. The first concert I brought one sister and I have being trying to get the other one to hear you live. See yall in Nashville.

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You're so lucky you're seeing them in Nashville. I wanted to get VIP tickets but my parents are frowned upon the idea of me driving all the way to Nashville for a concert

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Hi Lzzy, my name is Alexandra. I am from Chile, the truth known a year ago and I fell in love with his music. No matter where or how I find, always find a song that puts yours letter to my feel. In the distance, from South America a kiss and hug even Lzzy! Do not lose hope yours some being in a concert and hear your beautiful voice.
PS: Sorry if this poorly written, but in my country speak Spanish and do not have much practice. Good luck in everything!

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When you come to Newcastle in April do you want to go for that drink we planned after I interviewed you last time u played at the 02 :-) Mel ... Renegade rock show

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I've messaged this twice now on Halestorms and lzzys fb page, but didn't know if it were to ever be seen by you and the guys. So if you've already seen this, do forgive me for posting this again cause I had no idea if what I've said has been seen. I'm from spring city which is just outside philly pa.originally I lived in the city. Ive been through problems I don't mind coming out about. Recently I've been going through hardships involving friends and family. The girl of my dreams is going out with my "best friend" after breaking up the girl's best friend over a text. I also have lost friends because I was so enraged over it. Being rejected all the times I've attempted to start a relationship with a girl, I was convinced I'd never find any happiness and went into a dark stage. 3 weeks ago I stayed home from school because I got sick from taking a few to many painkillers. During my day off i decided to cure my funk the way I know best. Music. And getting tired of going back asnd forth between sevenfold and ffdp, I started listening to Halestorm. And it has opened a whole new window for me. I first convinced myself I'd ask lzzy to prom (which is still up for offer if you're in the states around April), but the age difference would make that fantasy unreal. But there is one thing I got from this that is real. more inspiration than any band has ever gave me before. I'm now mastering songs on guitar so I could get some attention from someone, hopefully, who needs a guitarist. Halestorm has also been like a meditative peace for me cause when I listen to them, all the shit the world could throw at me disappears. So lzzy if you're reading this, I want to say a few things. 1) you're gorgeous. 2) your voice is the most angelic thing I've ever heard. 3) thank you, and the guys in the band, for giving me that inspiration, giving us music, and saving me. I hope to hear from you guys soon and hope you come back to Philly to play in the near future so I can thank you in person

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I used to live in RedLion pa. I'm from DuBois, we moved Alot. RedLion was my older brothers era... I think we may have been in school together but I was a shadow then, I was not brave nor outspoken and I did not make friends. I kept to myself and hoped to be left alone. It's very unlikely we know each other but never the less, I shall be a devoted fan not only because you're amazing and talented and I really dig your sound/style but because you're from PA and Pennsylvania people ROCK!

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The first song I heard of Halestorm was I Miss The Misery. Damn Lzzy's voice though. I love it, like I think that's one of the few unique voices I ever heard in my life so far that distinguishes people. Keep rocking on. Hope to see you guys in concert soon in the future in New York.

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happy new year lzzy!!!!!

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could you please come to boston soon so I can meet you.... please.

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I am soooo excited because my poster and t-shirt got delivered today!!!!!!!

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I was at the show December 1 in montreal. it was my first time seeing halestorm in concert and I must say you guys kick ass big time. Halestorm is one of my favorite band.

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I saw you in Atlantic City in Sept and last week in Baltimore. Was wondering if the band will be playing in Phila area for New Year's Eve? My birthday is on New Years and it would be a great way to celebrate!!!

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Can't wait to see you guys again on Saturday!!! I really appreciate you guys taking extra time with us in KY on our meet and greet when our camera wouldn't work, Arejay even tried using the flashlight on his phone lol. It was very unexpected of you guys to be so welcoming, I only say that because my wife and I are hardcore rockers and we travel all over to catch a good band and we have done other meet and greets with other big time musicians who didn't seem to care as much. This will be my 5th time catching you guys and my wife's 4th, I don't know if you remember her or not but she's the one that showed you her tattoo of the lyrics to At the rock show on her arm. She say's it really is who she is lol and she's right, we are both at the front row or fighting our way there and in the moment there is no other place we'd rather be!!! Keep on rockin Lzzy!!!! Hope to see you guys at Rock On The Range again this year as well!!!

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Are you planning to tour Canada anytime soon? Just started following you guys. Your voice is amazing Lzzy!!!

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Please come back to Providence! I loved seeing you in such an intimate setting!! <3 you inspired me to try to write lyrics more seriously I love you Lzzy!!!

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Hi Guys,
I recently discovered you guys and you are such a refreshing dose of real rock and roll. In a sea of operatic style female fronted bands, Lzzy you have a real female rock and roll vocal that I almost forgot existed.

Keep up the good work guys and please make your way to Australia when you can. Not just festivals either, we want to see a real storm :)

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Amazing show at Terminal 5 in NYC on November 29th. You guys rocked. I know you weren't feeling well LZZY but you were beyond phenomenally awesome. You have the best voice in music today and you guys are the nicest people. Great opening bands as well. I hope you have a well deserved rest after 2 more weeks and enjoy your family and the holidays. I am so looking forward to your next album and the next concert coming to NY. I will definitely be there. I hope you enjoyed the gift as well-Sorry I couldn't get it to you guys directly but one of the nice guys on your crew said he would give it to you. I hope your feeling better LZZY and thanks again as always for being the most amazing source of inspiration. You guys are the best. Thanks, Rob

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I really enjoyed the NYC concert on 11/29 also; and am anxiously awaiting your return to the Big Apple!

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Hey Lzzy, it was awesome catching up with you and Joe in Reno for a few minutes back in April (and Arejay and Josh in L.A. in September) when I was out West for work. I just wanted wish you, Arejay, and your mom (my favorite merch girl of all-time!) a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Keep doing what you do! --Tim, Struthers, OH (The Cellar)

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My son is really great guitar player in a hard rock band. He is turning 21 on Saturday night, and is going to be at your show in Watertown. Is there any chance he could come on stage an play a song with you? He knows a lot of your songs, and this would make his birthday amazing. You know, that and all the drinking he'll probably do after the show. Thanks.

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My husband and I are coming to your show on 12/5/13 at the royal oak music theater. I cannot wait to see you live. Our 6 yr daughter finds you so cool, her name is lizzy and she finds it so awesome you have the same name. She knows all the words to your songs(covers her mouth for the bad ones). She totally rocks out to your music. I would love to get a kids t-shirt for her or even something signed she would be so excited to get anything from her idol. Counting down the days til the concert.

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OMG <3 I LOVE LZZY!!!!! =3

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OMG <3 I LOVE LZZY!!!!! =3

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I saw you Zürich 9th Oct and omg, you were so fucking great!
Love you guys, please, please keep doing what you're doing! <3
I hope to see and hear you soon again

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My wife and I discovered Halestorm this year when booking Alter Bridge tickets. Have now bought everything you've recorded; you we're fantastic in Nottingham 16th Oct and we now have tickets for Sheffield in Apr 2014. Can't wait!!!

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Let's come to a little of Europe ... in Belgrade for eg would be so nice to hear you, and and see you :) live!

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ciao ho sentito per caso la vostra musica devo dire davvero forti peccato che in italia non vi sento suonare dovreste investire un po' qui ciao

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You are talented, gorgeous and HOT!!!!! Please do a headlining date in NORCAL. I'll be in the front row!

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MANCHESTER ARENA 22/10/2013 - AWESOME! You sounded even better than you looked last night, and that's saying something! Your duet with Myles was a total show-stopper. Booking tickets for Manchester Academy 2014. Can't wait.

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I met Halestorm last night in Glasgow, and I have to say they are the nicest people you could ever meet. I got lots of hugs from Lzzy and a hug and kiss from Arejay. :) It was the best day of my life, and I will remember it for the rest of my life. Lzzy Hale is my hero/idol and i was completely starstruck when I seen her! I'm definitely buying VIP Meet and Greet tickets again the next time they are in Scotland!
Keep rockin' guys! :)

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Been listening to ReAniMate and you did a Heart song in concert in Chattanooga, Tn. I know you probably have people suggesting songs all the time. One more shouldn't matter. I usually hate when other people sing this singers music, especially a certain country singer, but I would love to hear you do some Janis Joplin. I'm not even sure if "Cry Baby" is originally hers but love her live version and would love to hear your version. "Trust Me" and "Get it while you can" are two other good ones I think you could bring something new to. Hope ya'll are safe and rocking your tour.