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Bass player and lead harmony backup vocalist for Halestorm..HAAA! Love making music with my family of 7 years. We've been having a lot of fun doing it. I love to exericse. I love to cook. I love to eat. I love to hang see ALL of my family and friends. I love traveling and seeing new places. I love seeing our fans on the road. You guys make us feel at home no matter where we are.
Favorite Bands: 
The Beatles and all of their fellow classic friends. Radiohead Ben Folds Jay-Z and the list goes on...
WIllow Grove, PA
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Ohh geez...tough one. Too many PHILLY!! minneapolis is pretty cool:) i don't know about that winter tho...


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Ya'll rocked it last night in Chattanooga! Awesome!!!

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Im an wheelchair fan from Brazil. Im not a fan from many bands, I can name it in one hand. But since I knew u guys,..... damn! U guys rox! I never see a show in handicaped places, I like near the stage, feel the energy, the anger, u certainly will see me at Brazilian gig. Hope to get a pic with all of u guys.

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I've always had a thing for bass players =P And you have topped my list! I've seen Halestorm live 9 times in the last few years and looking forward to the show in Pittsburgh in May . . . I'm taking my 14 year old niece for her birthday. I turned her into a Storm Chaser! Also got us Meet & Greet VIP since it's her first live show. Looking forward to see you all again. Keep Rockin! xoxox

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Met you guys in Fargo a few weeks ago and again tonight! You guys were amazing in Sioux City! :D

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Josh you and your band rock! My friend and I are starting a band and I just had to suggest Love Bites as one of our first covers. Just want you to know that this bassist just fell in love with a band that I wanna see live! Good luck to you guys!

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:( I don't see my post in here from earlier, but I'm the chick from Tremont, IL. :) Just wanted you to know you guys missed out on the BEST omelet! BAHAHHAA :) It was a hot (literally) show, but you guys looked like you were having a blast. The offer for an omelet and breakfast/supper for you guys still stands whenever you're in town. :)

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Went and saw you guys tonight and you were amazing

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I would like to upload the song tabs Love/hate Heartbreak

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Hi Josh, awesome show a few weeks ago in Hampton Beach, NH. You guys sounded great!! It was very nice meeting you that night and I just wanted to say thanks for the beer and for signing my jeans. What a nice guy! That was too cool ;)

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Hey man, it was really great getting to meet you today. You guys tore that place to shreds! Seriously, you blew the doors off of both Bullet & Seether in my book.

Great seeing you, and looking forward to the next time (make it soon, please!)

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I've listened to halestorm on Octane for months, and when I heard you guys "and girl" were coming to Maine with the avalanche tour, I bought tickets right away! Front row and Center I listened to you play and rock out. You guys "and girl" OWNED that show!! Never have I seen such an amazing show! Anytime you come to Maine, I'll be front and center again! Keep on rocking!

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Ur pretty awesome!!!!

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Minneapolis loves you right back!! Killer show tonight(3/26)! Please come back soon! :-D XOXO

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This is kinda late :) but kudos to your manager or whoever got you to perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on the 22nd of jul 2010!!!

If not for that I would never have gotten to know your band!!!

Keep it up!!

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when are you guys coming back to vegas??????????????

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HOLY GEESUS!! TONIGHT WAS AMAZING!! ? Lzzy, Joe, Arejay, Josh - Thanks for everything!! Can't wait til you come back to CT!! Epic night! Couldn't ask for more. Big Shouts to the fellow C5C I met! Very cool people! be safe traveling! Have fun at the next shows! Have a happy new year guys! - AquariZ

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WOOT! Minneapolis loves ya right back! haha ^_^

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hey josh =)
how are u? just wanted to thank u and all the others for this amazing concert last friday here in luxembourg =) i really enjoyed it and even more i enjoyed the time after with u guys^^ thanks a lot and hope to see u soon again in luxembourg ;)


ps. i also play bass-guitar since a bit more than a year,and i started playing in a "band" a few weeks ago, but at the moment just bass and guitar until we can play together better xD after we will see if we want to make a real band , but at the moment it's just for fun^

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I was great meeting you on Saturday night! Good luck in your travels!

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wait'll you guys hear this stuff!! having so much fun recording...

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looks like your latest comment on your profile was 4 weeks ago..thought you might want a new one!
.. hi Josh!! hope you are doing awesome!!! have fun on the taste of chaos tour!!

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Great Job at the Machine shop last night...oh and thanks for the kiss :) (just on the cheek but made my night anyway) Have a great trip and come back soon!! Lots of Luv!!

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Thanks for relaying my message to Lzzy @ KRockathon 15 in Syracuse ;) I got the response I wanted !! lol have a good one!!

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(: heya,
I was wanting to write a letter to the band... i was wondering if you could give me an adress to do so...
I was also wanting to send you guys pics of me and yall from The Diamond, OKC.
It would be awesome if i could write you guys...
Thanks, Love your biggest fan EVER,
Alison Storm

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Hey Josh! Was awesome meeting you back in April at Wolverhampton. Needless to say, awesome show - come back to Lil old England soon okay? Bad luck on just missing out on the Stanley Cup this time around but hey at least your boys made it further than my pens!!! Take care of yourself and I hope to see you again soon :D xox

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Thanks for the plectrum at Download!! Some awesome playing!!! xoxo

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Respect for the good work!!!
The show tonight was amazing!
If you and the band come again to belgium I will definitly come to see you!!!


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Hey Josh just want to say thanks again for taking time out to say hi and an autograph and exspecally for the drum stick and set list ,you guys play and awsome show can't wait till July 4.

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Happy Birthday, man! Great show tonight. Its always awesome seeing you guys after the show.

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Hey! It was awesome to meet you in Worcester, MA and talk about the tour! I have such a respect for your musicianship - keep up the great work! You're an absolute sweetheart to talk to! Hopefully Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun was a blast for you too! It was great to see you all twice in a week! Can't wait to see you again!! Stay healthy and safe! Rock on!

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Hi Josh! You guys R O C K !!! Can't wait until May, me and my BFF LisaH are coming to see you in Madison WI on 05/11 and then in Kenosha WI on 05/12 - Hope you are having a Great time!! Peace,Love&Happines - love,JulieH and LisaH

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It was nice to chat with you in London! I wish you guys came back, the club rocked.

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I find it extremely sad that I could NOT see you when you guys where playing down here in Texas. For one I am vertically challenged and you were on the other side of the stage. But still, I could here your awesomeness. :P :D

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I hope Europe is treating you well :) Can't wait to meet you guys when you bring the ROCK to Wisconsin next month! Still considering making a road trip to your 5/2 show at Mohegan Sun...would be a 17 hour trip but it'd be one hell of a birthday for me :) Take care, rock on!

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Hi Josh, how was the trip to England with the boat?
Did you try " fish and chips " on the news paper, today?

Was very nice yesterday we sorry we had to lieve from Antwerpen. We will send you guys the fotos,ok?
Greetings the Brasilian-Holland funs ( remember?)
Monica,Marjorie& Estelle

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Great show yesterday in Stuttgart, you are much better than just a opening act. Good luck and hope to see you again. Thanks for signing the CD and was great talking to you. C ya Marc

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You did an amazing show in Frankfurt this week. I really like your music and thanks for signing my drumstick ^^
Hope to see you again in Germany :)

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cant wait till ya come back to reno. me and molly miss all of yall. and i think ur realy cute i was just to shy to tell u when u where here. ty for the pix from 104.5. i loved lunch it was awsome

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Can't wait until you come back to Sioux Falls. It was nice meeting you at Best Buy. and then watching you at Nutty's North. Had a blast.

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you guys were awesome over v-day in vegas at the house of blues.all of you were really nice.looking forward to you guys coming back again.

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Thank you so much guys for signing my poster of us, It was fucking awesome! You guys were great at the Valarium and I wish you all could have played longer then you did. It would have been completely awesome if you all could have been the headliner, Can't wait when you guys are!

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Great show tonight Josh! Im kinda bummed I didnt get to talk to you guys after the show again but it was still amazing. I just saw you guys and already i cant wait to see you again.

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Thank you so much for rockin' the Michigan gigs...see you in March!

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What's going on Josh? I just wanted to tell you good luck on all the shows in Europe. Also I can't wait for you and the rest of the Halestorm Fam. to come back and do another show. Take care.

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Hey Josh loved the show ln G-ville in Nov just got res and tickets for K-viile Tn Me and my wife Betty where the older couple right in front of you in G-ville SC you guys and young lady were great cant wait tll the show its sort of annnivesary b-day gift fof my wife been hitched more than 10 but less thsan 15 I think keep rockin Rockin Grangpa

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Hey Josh keep up the rocking!

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You guys were great again last night. Good to see you, can't wait til the 31st in Boston!

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Happy New Year, Josh!! Wish I was in PA 2nite to see u play again!!

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Looking forward to the show at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncaseville, CT on January 1st, 2010!!!