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Halestorm WebCrew
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The official web crew for We will be here, working on the site, making sure its the best for Halestorm fans everywhere. Hit us up with any questions/concerns, and enjoy the site!
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How did you first hear about Halestorm?: 
At a show in New York
Favorite Halestorm moment/show?: 
Seeing them play with Shinedown at Irving Plaza.


dman185's picture

Hello. I have been wanting to send Lzzy a fan letter, how can I go about doing this???? please help

vicky216818's picture

im wondering if someone can help me. I purchased 3 pre sale meet and greet tickets for the 3rd april 2014 at Sheffield 02 academy show. although the money was taken from my account back on October 2013 I still haven't received any tickets or information on how to get hold of these tickets, couls someone please advise, I only have a few more weeks before this show arrives. thanx vicky

eggchen's picture

hi guys,i joined halestorm fan club in mid jan but have not recieved anything yet!please help.

wugitz's picture

seen and met them twice as long as they have a meet n greet for the show im buying them!! no other experience like meeting the makers of the music you love so much!! a voice like that and beautiful to boot love me some lzzy!!!!
i hope there is plans for american tour for 2014!!

Silviottolino's picture

what has happened to all the pictures? you can't see them anymore!!! :(

jc's picture

Hey Folks, just wanted to point out slight discrepancy on the TOUR DATES page... For the show in Milwaukee on Saturday Aug 31... The page says BMO HARRIS PAVILION but the festival's page shows MILLER STAGE..... Don't want anyone getting lost or anything..... Cheers....JC

dawnburns's picture

first saw them thaqnkgiving eve in Boise,Id w/Alice Copper.OMG I am still amazed how awesome the whole band is!!!been hooked ever since.Tahnks for keeping metal real!!! :-)

RockNashville13's picture

First Saw halestorm on Bar Rescue. The sound caught my ear and I was hooked. Rock, Great Voice, Lyrics with something to sink your teeth into, I'm in. I hardly ever buy music and have never signed up for a fan site, but you guys tugged on some heart strings and I just wanted to say thanks for bringing back great music. Love the voice.

stevieroxx's picture

I've been around the Rock and Heavy Metal community, working in bars, bigger venues since the 80s. You guys have a fresh sound and fucking rock! I am currently living in Mexico but wiill be back in the states soon. Can't wait to see a live show!

trreedog's picture

I just saw Halestorm live at Hard Rock Live Orlando,
the last show of the tour, it was awesome! Do they record their shows?
I would love to have audio or video from that show.

dave_2's picture

My Birthday is January 1st and I going to see my FAVORITE rock band at the sound stage in Baltimore Md. New Years Eve! Please help me make it the best birthday ever by helping me meet HALESTORM for my special Birthday!!!! Any suggestions??? Dave_B from RED LION PA.

NDoggJB's picture

I just joined tonight and I've been looking around the comments and chains, and I've found that a disturbing number of people haven't received their welcome package, I joined specifically because I wanted that hat and shirt more then the other items available in the store. How can I be sure I will receive my welcome package?

yasutoshi's picture

Nice to meet you LZZY I am YASUTOSHI of Japan. It was moved deeply by your skill as a singer seen in loud park 10. Fully in first-come-first-served basis when starting queuing up in the autograph session.
Could you put your signature though GOOODS will be bought with SITE?

SamanthaHale's picture

hi im a part of eye of the storm since december 25, 2010 and i still havent recieved the member merchandise can you help me out ?

karri's picture

Halestorm! im new to the site but as u can see my profile pic is of me n u! im a huge fan and i absolurly love ur performances! dont forget!!!! i got ur pic around my neck!!!!!! love u lzzy! -karri!

loverboy's picture

Cool site with great design and suprisingly no errors or bugs!!!

Good Work!!!!

Jay_3's picture

Did you guys try to play Rocklahoma? You should.

JulieHRockford's picture

Aww shoot, forgot to Thank every member of the Storm - Lzzy, Arejay, Joe, Josh, Detroit, Mom, Dad, and those 2 roadies who just won't share their name! I want to say Thank You, you guys pull together a helluv a show! Love YOU!!!! JulieH

JulieHRockford's picture

Hello!!! JulieH/Rockford,IL here - rocking out in the midwest! I LOVE HALESTORM, not only is the music Awesome, Lizzy,Arejay,Joe,and Josh rock my socks off! They are true RockStars! Can't wait for the next time, hope to see you there! Peace,Love&Music - JulieH

Deonte's picture

Hi my name is Wayne Smith. I am a big fan of Halestorm. I left a comment on Lzzy's profile but I don't know if she read it yet, but the reason I'm writing is that I am in the process of creating a live feature film version of Jem & The Holograms and I was wondering if Lzzy would play the part of Pizzazz. Kristine W will play the part of Jem. She has personally agreed to it. There is a powerpoint video on my facebook. Wayne Smith Jr. Cumberland MD. It's called Project Synergy. Please let her know about the project. Thank you for your time. Wayne.

rustysedam's picture

In Dec of 2009 you offered to release 3 exclusive live videos if you reached certain #'s of followers on Twitter, Facebook, & the Halestorm community. You have since reached all requested #'s. How come only 1 video was ever released??

KernelKool's picture

Where any of you guys selling the CDs at uproar in winnipeg?

rickrose2007's picture

August 18th 2010 is the show I am going too. I have already seen Halestorm once this year at Rockfest 2010 aka Mudfest. I absolutely love the band and would love to meet them. Here's my situation. I got tickets to Rockstar UPROAR in Bonner Springs, KS on 18 August 2010. I am deploying to Afghanistan a few days after this concert and would LOVE to meet the band and chill for a bit. I almost bought VIP tickets to the show but did not know if I would get the chance to meet Halestorm and Disturbed. I want to party one last time HUGE before I get sent to Foreign Soil for a year to defend this great country. HELP ME OUT FOLKS! I would die to meet Halestorm and Disturbed before I deployed. Anyone got any tips or ways I could get this done?

halestorm emtjennifer's picture

cant wait to see you all at summerfest,milwaukee wi. will there be a meet and greet? also for the rockstar engery tour will fan club members get passes for a meet and greet? 5 more days i can hardly stand it!!! kisses,jennifer

Deidre172's picture

Hey WebCrew :) I was wondering if you guys would consider making a "Fan Art" section under the Photos, where people who make art relating to the band can upload pics.

DBALREALMS's picture

Well Halestorm will miss my Birthday on September 4th, but I will be there at the September 12th concert in Houston. I guess better late than never. I look forward to seeing you all again. Last time I saw everyone was at Scout Bar and House of Blues. You see, we told you that you would become big and famous. Love ya dearly. The Trauma Nurse!!

Mayhem-Morgan's picture

hey guys, i was wondering what the name of the song was that was playing in the background of the "have a shot with halestorm video" and were i could find it i've looked all over and asked other halestorm fans but they can't seem to find it either, if you guys could help i would love you forever!!!

chowder86apo's picture

if you like the video I got in Monclair - please feel free to snag it.
As Lzzy pointed out --- its about all of us now....

Great job with the website!!

ali_van_halen's picture

hey thanks for blogging about my Better Sorry Than Safe cover. :) ill be posting more soon. :) watch out for em! :D

Blackgold1155's picture

I'm pretty sure you have, but have you guys seen the fan tribute video for True Blood mixed to "Familiar Taste of Poison"? It's super BAD-ASS!! I thought I'd bring it up since Season 3 will be premiering soon. Was wondering if anyone in Halestorm land liked the show. I can't wait, it will be premiering on my birthday, June 13th and I'll be throwing a viewing party. It'll rule.

JerseyTim's picture

Hey WebCrew! Keep up the good job with your postings and news updates. This band will do big things and opening up a platform on the web for fans to meet and converse and exchange opinions and ideas and share stories and images and videos, well, that's gonna be a key element in helping Halestorm gain worldwide attention even quicker. The site is constantly updated and very interactive between the fans and the artist and we all appreciate knowing what the band is up to all the time. Thanks.

DarkJennifer1's picture

I am curious about how you will be judging the "Its not you, Its me contest" Will you all decide on it or are you going by votes only?

lawcsn1969's picture

Thanks for all you do, I'm young at heart and Halestorm is my new obsession. All of you feel like an extended family to me. Thanks for the kick-ass music!

halerazer_'s picture

I have a question? I read some time ago that everyone who entered the pumpkin carving contest was going to be awarded 2 tickets to a show..I have e-mailed 3 times why haven't I heard anything back?

Vroooommin's picture

Hey guys, just a quick question, do we need the whole song or just the beginning for the One Man One Cowbell? I didn't see an answer anywhere and just wanted to know.'s picture

hey thanks fr posting my vid from stimulate this in philly to the site, thats really cool. shame i couldnt get the whole song, but i was saving memory so i could get all my fave songs from the show on vid, which i managed to, partially. like 1 1/2 min from each song lol. also i had already completely videoed the arejay solo/drum circle, which was like 4 1/2 minutes. speaking of which, is there a way 2 upload that video even though its 45 MB over the limit? cuz i dont wanna cut out any footage to make it a smaller size cuz its really cool stuff and i think the fans/band would appreciate it

IamAstrmChsr's picture

Hey, thank you so much, it's an honor to have won this contest! Halestorm is by far the BEST band out there!!

I'd love to join the street do I go about doing that?


mpark02's picture

Any Phoenix dates planned in the near futurew

hannahlbowe's picture

are new tour dates going to be posted? should i have said this on Halestorm's page? i've been wondering this.. haha well thanks. bye! :)'s picture

Can someone please please please help me out with the NYC show next thursday? ive looked everywhere but i cant find info (ticket prices, time) on it anywhere than here, in fact this site and the street propaganda page are the only places its even listed :( I can't miss this show. HELP?

Mike B's picture

This the best album I heard since new Matellica album, keep kicking ass!

IamAstrmChsr's picture

Hey, this site totally rules and thanx so much for always keeping us up to date on the best band in the world : ) Can't wait to see them again!!'s picture

wow you guys did an amazing job revamping the site, way to go. Anywho, if im reading ur profile info correctly, ur first Halestorm show was Irving Plaza in march with 10 Years and Shinedown, right? That was my first too!! I'm just wondering if there was anything I could do to help, I love love LOVE Halestorm and I think it would be cool just to somehow be involved.
Keep Rockin' Out

tanja's picture

love the new site!! cant wait to see yas, in ohio
LOVE 2 ALL!!!!! keep up the great work!