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I saw you guys in Boston on july 12 and it was the best concert I ever saw!!!!!

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I went to the show at the Upstate Concert Hall on August 31st and you guys were amazing live! That was my first rock concert, and it was better than I ever could have imagined. Thanks for hugging everyone in the front row too (my best friend Amanda and I were 2 of those lucky people). Great job, hopefully you come back soon!

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This is kinda late :) but kudos to your manager or whoever got you to perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on the 22nd of jul 2010!!!

If not for that I would never have gotten to know your band!!!

Keep it up!!

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3 December in Luxembourg , an incredible memory !!!! The picture taken with you will serve as proof ;) I hope you will spend one day in France , because French people love you music :) Thanks for the concert and for the authograph :)'s picture

can someone please please please help me out with the NYC show next thursday? i cant find info (ticket prices, time) on it anywhere than here, in fact this site and the street propaganda page are the only places its even listed :( I can't miss this show. HELP?

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you are my favorite band!! i jam out everyday 2
your album! love 2 r the bomb!! love
the pictures 2.. (rock-n-roll mama)