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I Get Off

I Get Off

Posted by: Halestorm

Halestorm - I Get Off

Halestorm - I Get Off

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on July 30, 2009 - 12:47pm
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Halestorm - I Get Off



CrystalKattRosales's picture

this is now my most favorite of all songs ever!!!!!

MatthewMitchellII's picture

First time I seen HaleStorm was at Lazerfest. They were an opening act and fell in love with them. They only keep getting better.

tigeress_201254's picture

great song hot as hell love it

CJRAMEY's picture

Lzzy is such a great singer. Very beautiful and talented. She has an incredible voice. Looking forward to seeing Halestorm again when they ar in concert.

magawatt666's picture

Please come to Grand Rapids Michigan

gracie lou's picture

I absolutely love this song!!!! You guys are so awesome!! I hope you come around Nebraska sometime because I will so go to a concert!!

MS.X-RAT3D's picture

this is my boyfriends fav song

RobertPlague's picture

Saw you guys last night. Gt to met yall. You guys are so awesome!

GypsyStarChild's picture

Nice JOB~see you guys @ UPROAR~9/1/2010~Im certain alot of US fans will GET OFF seeing you in NC~KEEP ROCKING IT~gypsy

Reaper's picture

cant wait to see u guys at Krockathon this year in syracuse,ny

aviator21's picture

Halestorm MUST come to New England. Even somewhere in MA would be fine with me. Got Halestorm, will travel!

vamp96's picture

Halestorm rox!

enragedgremlin's picture

So sexy, says my girlfriend lol, id have to agree lol

valvlne6's picture

Had a great time at the Norva on Feb 1st, Esp getting to meet you upstairs...Made my Year....2010 is starting off GREAT!!! Where is the Crowd pic from that show.....

troy_2's picture

Would be great to see you pass thru San Luis Obispo at some point...the central coast needs some good rockers to come thru town....Lita Ford ain't got sh*t on you all...never did...

derbycitywerewolf's picture

what great talent. I love crankimg this in my semi an cruising down the hwy sorry i missed you guys in louisville.I never thought Lita Ford would be riviled but Lzzy you kick butt. makes my ole heart pump hard keep it going

dang438's picture

interesting band, just found out about you guys, youre probably one of the best bands out there currently, but i would like to thank you on behalf of my theater technical crew for making good music that we can listen to while were working, thank you for youre work, as stage manager i thank you

MsKriss's picture

Love Lzzy's voice and the entire style of the band. Halestorm ROCKS!!

daveyboy's picture

just seen u are coming to ft.wayne jan 16th sweet i will be there u can bet on that! c u ya there

Elasha Draco's picture

Arizona is just waiting for Halestorm as its seems you guy would just fix right in here Lizzy as its Hot as HELL here

Skyde's picture

Would love to see you guys come out to the west coast for a few shows

daveyboy's picture

i would love to c halestorm come to ft.wayne, ind. pierres would love to have them.

Phoenix_2's picture

Heard Halestorm for the first time the other day on XM Octane and became a instant fan. Love this F'n song. I looked up concert dates and hope to make it to one of the shows.

Curtis's picture

I have to ask this of the band and Lzzy? Was Lita Ford an influence? The voice, the guitar, you remind me of her and for me that's very cool. I'm tired of these pop girls thinking they are making a metal/rock CD! We need more female led bands with great metal singing chicks and showing you can play too just puts it over the top in the cred department. I just found the band's free video on iTunes and I'm going through all your content online and lovin it!

daveyboy's picture

this song is the shit, best since we heard since lita ford and so on

max2hearts's picture

this band rocks, first time i heard them was on sirius radio. the octane channel...this song if so it

tbird9183's picture

This band just plain kicks ass! Song is awesome as is the rest of the album. Band has great potential for making it big

TEW's picture

great song and the entire album is excellent

Ronnie's picture

Absolutely love this video, could listen to the song all day!

Mike B's picture

Great video, very BAD ASS, good job Halestorm Ya'all are on your way to the top.