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8/12/09 SLC, UT. Lzzy, Joe, and Me

Me with Lzzy and Joe at the Salt Lake City signing booth! They rocked that show!!

Halestorm - Madison, WI - Post-Sound Check 6/2009

Couldn't make it to the show that night (school night) but caught sound check...thanks so much! Madison, WI - June 2009

Halestorm & 2 Young Rockers - Rochester, MN

Right after our first Halestorm show...and we'll be the first to admit we didn't know who they were going to the show but we sure did by the time we left! A memorable concert...great live show...very engaging...and what a way to warm up the crowd before Saliva & Shinedown! Check out the hat on my little man...look familiar? Rochester, MN 3/20/09

A "cool" moment with Arejay in Rochester, MN

As the boys were checking out things going on backstage, Joe came over to introduce himself, as did everyone else. Arejay stuck around to entertain the boys with stories...right before taking the stage in Rochester, MN. At this point, we had never heard Halestorm but had a feeling we were in for a great show! (and we were hooked!)

Rockin' Close-up of Lzzy in Brookings, SD 7-26-09

This was my first experience seeing Halestorm in concert and it was amazing! New lifetime fan right here. Amazing music! Unmatched energy! Best. Concert. Ever.


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