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Photo Shoot in Williamsburg!

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Please check out the fan vid Mrs. Hyde bye Forsakendusk.

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Hey Fans Jami Wooten is the one who got halestorm popular not lizzy they were just a cover band before her

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I guys,

Can't wait to see you live in Paris towo days from now.
Best vocals in rock today and your last album is fantastic... by the way, I have the vinyl edition as well which sounds still cooler (no surprise, vinyl's so much better than CD).
Love to you all :-)

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I love you guys! I can't believe you're not enormously famous - but you're on your way! I've seen you twice in concert and will be at the Carnival of Madness show in Bridgeview (Chicago) this August. I'm bringing friends and we can't wait to see you! The first time I saw your show was at the House of Blues in Chicago, I got a "meet and greet" and my t-shirt signed. I got Arejay's drumstick at a show in December 2011 at Mojoes in Joliet. There's a You Tube video of Arejay tossing the stick to someone on his left - that was my brother, getting a stick for me!! I LOVE the way you rock!! I love Lzzy's voice and stage presence and Arejay's amazing drumming and showmanship. I don't think anyone in rock can compete with you!! I'm blown away by your talent. And I saw the Beatles in concert, so I know what I'm talking about!

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Lzzy, you touch my soul every time you sing! I hope you guys get all the recognition you deserve as the most talented Rock`n`Roll band playing at the moment! Hottest girl in rock and an album that is all killer, no filler! No one to touch you XXX

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You are my favorite band of all time. Looking forward to hearing more from you. xoxo

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Please move all combustibles away from sources of extreme heat....
RED HOT and Talented!! What a combination.

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awesomeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are greattt!!!

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Ahh Wish I could be at every show! XX

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Hey Guys. Blast from the past, Kevin from Lowjack. So psyched to be seeing you guys killin it. Congratz and all the best to you and yours. K

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Now thats a LOW cut dress. I hope this is an indoor shoot.

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