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Hey guys, ya like my mullet?

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krissyhtgnWV's picture

LOLOL~if anyone could rock the mullet baby~its YOU!!! holyjizzes, thats funny! eatin my heart out, tried to get to FL to see ya last nite, but it didn't work out. i hope allsjustfanfreakintastic! kisses all~k

DarkJennifer1's picture

That's just so sexy, roflmao!

ThrillyJean's picture

that was last night! Yeah I loved the mullter!

sammie_2's picture

plz tell me thats just a hat? lol but yea it does look good on u. but then everything looks good on u lol

Halerayzor's picture

Hale yeah!!! I like it!!! U could very well bring it back in style!!!

dudemorecowbell's picture

very Agassi...;-)

made_misty's picture

OMG. please tell me it is not real. ha. holy crap man.

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