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Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)

Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)
Halestorm WebCrew's picture
on March 17, 2011 - 2:51pm
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dave_3's picture

this is fuckin awesome !!!! much,much better than the orignal. i hope they start playing it on octane,so i can hear it more!!

Jeana666's picture

All I have to say to this is......OH MY GOD! I love it!

Kara's picture

This is phenomenal!!!! Love Lady Gaga but this is better than the original!!!!!!!

Megan's picture

fuck yes is all i can say.

Caroline's picture

A very amazingly epic cover of this song ive neverd liked this song but now because of you guys its awesome :D well the originals rubbish but your version is awesome :D

Travis_6's picture

Best cover ive ever heard done right to! :)

bigscott96's picture

Awesome... Simply awesome... Halestorm proves it can take a pop tune and kick it up to the level it needs to be heard! Thank you Lzzy and the boys for Kickin this one in the Jimmy and putting it where it needs to be!

Bente Hansen's picture

I love it!
It's just fucking amazing :0))

Ash21575's picture

i heart HALESTORM!!!

DoubleJ's picture

I can't stand Lady Gaga, but Lzzy can sing anything and make it sound amazing!!!!