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Angelic Beeatch
About Me: 
An older female (let's just say that my youngest child is 16). I have a wide taste in music but the older I get the more I rock out. Just a plain Jane factory workin' gal.
work and kids (4 and 2 leggers) and vacation when possible. I try to go to concerts when I have the money and the time.
Favorite Bands: 
Halestorm (of course), Skillet, Sick Puppies, Theory of a Deadman, Evanescence, Hinder (with Austin), P!nk (her and Lzzy are my girls!!), Three Doors Down, Daughtry, and many many others.
United States
angelic beeatch
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
I have to say P!nk. The worst was Hinder, right before they split with Austin. He was not at the concert, he was in rehab and the lead singer that they had was well..........not Austin. The band sounded great but the vocals were blah!!!
Yes! I want to discover more artists like Halestorm.: 
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