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The entire crew who make up this performance are Ladies & Gents to deal with, top to bottom.

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I got VIP tickets for the November 24th show in Buffalo. When will I find out the time to be there and more information about that night

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Hi,I'm Doris aka Dee Militello & a huge fan of Halestorm !!
I've seen you 2ce in Buffalo,NY. in 2 years.I met you guys the last time you were here at the "Canalside" ,downtown when u were doing the interview with 103.3 The Edge. You all were so nice to talk to.

I'm trying to join your fan club now & having problems finding out how to join.
I see comments,the store,videos,etc.,but no info on joining.
Ty & Love you guys

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Went to a birthday party today decked out in high heeled black leather boots, my BAD ASS scissor happy shirt and my BLING!!!! Love my necklace I got grand daughter wants it LMFAO!!! LOVE YA HALES and DUDE :P

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I'm having one hellova time with your website!!! It does not like me!! Badass fan of Halestorm and purchased a T and the Necklace in the store and I have ALL my neighbors watching for it if I am gone when it arrives!!! Your years of getting where you are have paid off! I just can't say enough about my blabbering to all to utube your band ( yes, always a special mention of you Lizzy lol). My thanks for voicing many of us "out there" s thoughts at times. As you will find out I will become a frequent blogger to "ya'all" lmao!!! I would like to suggest something though. Ever thought of a T shirt that Says " Mz. Hyde " under that Lizzy gettin' buzy " and your website in BIG letters on the back? I am such a fan I want all to experience Halestorm!!!!! Thankz!!!!!!

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Anyone who operates this website and actually reads these messages please let everybody know the code so we can order VIP tickets. If you don't post the right info whats the point!!!!

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I need the promo code for VIP tickets, can anyone help me out with this ?

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yes i cant even find anything on how to buy the presale tickets, help anyone

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pre-sale tix arent available on the site for the UK tour? Web site is really terrible!

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What's wierd is that some people appear to be able to access and write comments on the Presale blog post. There are 11 comments now, each time i try i get sent to the screen asking me log in or join the fan club, even though I'm already logged in

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thats whats happening to me as well. wondering if its because we are new sign-ups?

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What happened to the Cincinnati show in December? :( Is it cancelled?

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Ugh... of course they'd replace it with somewhere really far from me :(

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Halestorm is a great band but the web site to buy pre-sale tickets sucks! Been having a hell of a time trying to buy tickets! Yes I joined fan club. Now it only will let me buy VIP ticket. Can't afford those! Just want tickets!

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yeah the guest version has like a bunch of people singing at the end. im gunna forget them all but its Maria Brink from In this moment, Brent from SHinedown, Dave from Device, uhhh and i forget. but slash i believe is on that version as well...

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Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a difference between the guest version and the slash version of here's to us?

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I am looking for tickets for the Watertown NY show but can't find any information on them. Can I get some help with that please

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I just found this amazing band sadly but I am addicted fully dedicated almost enslaved by how fuckin awesome lzzy's voice is and the amazing instrumentals by the guys! Keep it up! I already own all you music need more.

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My husband and I first saw you last year when we went to see Evanescence in Baltimore. We were blown away and are now fans of Halestorm. We can't wait to see you all on 7/8 here in Baltimore. I think we may be your oldest fans as we are in our sixties. I have all your CD's and listen to them all the time. I think there is a resemblence to a combination of Pat Benatar and Heart though Halestorm has such an indivisualized edginess. See you guys soon!!

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I just renewed my membership yet I'm having trouble ordering presale meet and greet tickets for the November Terminal 5 NYC show. It says I'm not authorized to view that page. Is there a link I'm missing? I thought they went on sale today and I really wanted to take my 10 year old daughter who is a huge fan. Please help.

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Are there VIP tickets for Billings, MT?

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Is there a meet and greet for July 13th at TAGS in Big Flats, NY?

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How do I request a meet and greet with my VIP ticket at Lazerfest May 10th,and what time do they hit the stage?

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Hey Guys, Just wondering if you will be having a meet n greet at The Rave on May 22nd and if so how do me and my wife get in on it we'd love to meet up with you again, All of you are so cool to hang out with.

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Hi. I was wondering if I get the welcome package if I used a coupon code?

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Hi I Joined a month ago, I have not received nothing from the fan club and would like to buy the meet n greet for phila in dec 27th. But nothing is on the website. How do I do it?


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Hi. Recently joined the fan club. I'd like to buy VIP tix, but have no code. Can you help? Thanks. Joey D.

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Hi. My name is Ajeng armita . I am eye of the storm from Indonesian ,yesterday I got t-shirt and hat of halestorm but In here there not ID card member

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What on earth is the code to get pre-sale tickets to the New Year's Eve show??

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Hi, i became a member of eye of the storm on december 25, 2010 and i still have not recieved the merchandice that you are suppose to recieve anyway you can help mee

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Hi, I had sent you an email about a week ago about not receiving my fan club package. I was wondering if you received it or not. My email is Thanks!

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Great Show NYE Thanks for rocking in my New Year!

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Hello! I have a question, and hopefully, this is where I post it. I'm also on SHINEDOWN's website and whatever photo is my profile pic on one site is the profile pic on the other. My username is the same on both sites. How can I use diff profile pics for each website?

Thank you!
Nikki :)

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My email that I used is's picture

I received my package about a week and a half ago or so. Thank you for the follow-up.

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Hi, I got the VIP tickets back in May.. my mother got my fiance and I and herself all tickets and she just called and said she received a package with all 3 laminates, t-shirts, bottle opener / dogtags. I put down XXL but the T-Shirts were XL. Now I'm living in Indiana and I thought it would come to the address where I'm living now.. I guess maybe it was shipped to the billing address.. not sure. I was wondering if there were any way you could help me out. Thanks :)

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cept now it says coupon code has already been used.... :(

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i e-mailed that email address you told me to and i havnt gotten anything back....'s picture

Hi...I joined the fan club at the end of October and still haven't received my t-shirt, etc. Is there anyone I can contact to find out where it is or even if it has been sent out?

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i got a coupon when i ordered LIVE IN PHILLY but when i go to the website to redeem it ( all that comes up is this page and says page not found. I also tried to register the normal way and that also did not work. is there a different link to the page i need?

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Hey Storm Chaser thanks for trying to help me out. No I still have not gotton the codes yet or any response to the emails I sent out. Still NOT happy.