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    It's spelled Lzzy! Started by Kenzie

    It really bothers me when people spell Lzzy's name wrong. It's spelled L Z Z Y. There is no i, there is no e. It's not a spelling mistake, that's just how she spells it. It gives her more edge.

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    Detroit show?? Started by cyndi bagley

    Lots of fans in Michigan.  Any chance of a Detroit show?!

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    wouldn't Taste of Poison be the perfect 007 theme song? Started by avalunch

    The song is done.     Now someone just needs to make the 007 movie to go with it!

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    Halestorm New Years Eve Photos Started by MChristine92

    I took a bunch of photographs at the show on New Years Eve using my Canon Rebel with a 50mm lens, best concert camera set up that you can use without press credentials basically. Figured I'd share a link to my Flickr where all the pictures are posted with everyone here. Happy New Years Everyone!!!!!!

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    Lzzy's Religion Started by bunnylover6789

    Does anyone know if Lzzy is still religious?bif you are going to a meet and greet show can you ask her? i would have been able to ask her myself but i cant go to summerfest because my parents wont take me

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    THE GROWING NATION OF STORM CHASERS! Started by 1withtheHalo

    Here I sit, January 3 2009, reflecting on a GREAT year of live shows, and I must say that selfishly, I have mixed emotions regarding the continued growing success of our beloved Halestorm!  We saw them at the Croc Rock in Allentown in June, and it was a good sized crowd.  Great show (albiet short!), hung out with the band, got autos, pics, etc.  A fantastic time.  Saw them open Stimulate This in Philly in August.  AWESOME!  Now, we just saw back to back shows in PA (Allentown and Lancaster), and MY has the following grown!

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    who thinks the band hosting a drum/guitar clinic would be fun I... Started by Gardens admin


    Drum/Guitat clinic HOSTED BY Halestorm



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    London Dates ticket sales??? Started by princessgotherina

    Hi...anyone know why the London store no longer has dates of London/UK shows? Previoulsy there was a list with links to the venues but the venue website still had no information for the shows.

    I've been re-checking almost every week but still no info...I've already bought tickets for other gigs in October and November this year and surely Halestorm tickets should be available to buy by now???

    I just want to secure my tickets!



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    Indy on May 29! Started by HaleStorm_Indy

    Can't wait! Anyone else going? Should be a great show at a great venue.

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    Whats that song Halestorm fans? Started by pokerftw

    I was at the concert in Des Moines recently. I heard halestorm sing a song that went somthing like "Jukebox heavy weight" as the chorus. I would love to buy that on my itunes but cannot find it. Any help to what its called or more lryics for me to go on?

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    HALESTORM IN MONTREAL ? Started by julieas

    First of all, you guys ROCK !!!


    I saw you in Quebec City this summer on your tour with Staind. At that moment, I didn't knew you but oh my god, you rocked that show. You were better than any other bands on that tour.. I'm from Montreal, we had a little ride to get to that show (3hrs)  and you saved my night.


    I can't wait for you to come to Montreal, I swear to God I'll be first row singing all your songs :)

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    mothers day Started by slipnuts23

    cant wait to see you guys on mothers day in jax.. i think its an absolute disgrace that yall are on at 12:30 though. i hate x102.9

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    Symbol Started by Otto Stephens

    What does to the symbol that takes the place of the O in HALESTORM

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    European tour dates with SHINEDOWN announced! Started by Storm the Airwaves

    Last night, Shinedown's Facebook page created thirteen events -- all of them Eurpoean tour dates (mostly in Germany and the UK) for this coming February, and all of them including the phrase "w/ Halestorm"! There's very little specific information available right now, but everything I've been able to gather so far is here.

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    EUFLEXXA Started by regis10

    EUFLEXXA is an ultra-high purity hyaluronan, also called hyaluronic acid (HA) or sodium hyaluronate. HA is the natural substance found in the fluid that surrounds a healthy knee joint and helps cushion,
    lubricate, and protect the knee as you move throughout the day.

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