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    drumming solo vancouver? Started by burneelu

    hey, you people were awesome today in Vancouver, totally hooked. just wondering about the drumming piece, is there a track for it, specially the one you did in Vancouver.

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    Halestorm in frago! Started by VampirexXxDemon

    I went to see Halestorm at the Aquariam above a bar downtown. ans it was AWESOME!!!! it was technecaly my first ever concert but i went o two when i was really young like maybe 5 years old. i dont know. but other than that i had an awesome time. Lzzy even gave me a guitar pick from her stand i was so happy. i was spazzing like the little fan girl i have proven myself to be. i see this band was the highlight of my year... so far. unfortanetly i was sick the next day but. i had a sore throat befor i had gone anyways but the screaming helped. the opening band Adeltas way was awesome as well.

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    Avalanche Bloomington Started by avalunch

    Awesome show last night in Bloomington.  Arejay on those drums was worth the price of admission!   Met the band at the shirt signing, everyone was super nice.  New fan here, big fan here!   Thanx.

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    extra ticket for new years in allentown Started by robertallenshaw14

    I have an extra ticket for the new years eve show if anyone is interested in it, I dont want anything for it, just show up or get a hold of me.  I would rather someone use it then have it go to waste.

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    Your First Halestorm Show/Moment Started by Halestorm WebCrew

    Discuss your first Halestorm experiences here.

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    If there are any fellow New England Halestorm fans that would like to see Halestorm perfrom at the Meadowbrook US Cellular Pavilion in NH, go to the following link to vote for a band that you'd like to see play at Meadowbrook.  Halestorm is on the list!


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    Live from NJ 1/1/11 Started by chowder86apo

    Here's the setlist from NJ 1/1/11:

    01 Slave To The Grind (SkidRow cover)


    02 What Were You Expecting


    03 Love Hate Heartbreak


    04 Bad Romance (Lady Gaga cover)


    05 Innocense


    06 All I Want To Do (Heart cover)


    07 Familiar Taste Of Poison


    08 Boom City

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    Any other Halestorm fans here from Canada? Started by takingoverme_84

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm just wondering are there any other Halestorm fans here that are also from Canada?



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    tour dates Started by mike beavis

    can anyone explain why they're considering a tour date for uproar in winnipeg but not ottawa. i have to drive to toronto to see these guys and show my support as a new halestorm-trooper.

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    rave show Started by Tracy Dennis

    anyone goin to this sat show at the rave, lets meet in the ajoining bar for a beer!!!???? ;)

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    Machine shop Flint, MI Started by Ultraext

    Will there be a meet and greet for the Machine shop show on May 18th? We are going to the machine shop show and the Mass Chaos tour show in battle creek on May 9th, just hoping to get to meet the band. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for rockin.

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    Halestorm products for instruments? Started by aimeenelson83@h...

    So I have been inspired to learn guitar and was wondering if there were any Halestorm related items (picks, gig bag, etc.) that i could purchase. Halestorm is my favorite band and I would love to do some free advertising. Maybe even stickers or something to decorate my new guitar with?

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    Glasgow 4/4/10 Started by TooOldTooSmall

    Went to see T.O.A.D. at the O2 ABC in Glasgow , got there early and caught your set. So glad I did cause I was blown away. Got your CD today and am now  confirmed Halestorm fan. Hope to see you again soon .

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    VIP ???? Started by Jeff_2

    Anyone done a VIP before was wondering how much???

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    AWESOME band to check out! Started by waysae

    I heard of Halestorm at a We Are The Fallen show I was at from a friend who lovvves Halestorm.  I'm a new fan, and excited to see them live someday.

    If you haven't heard of We Are The Fallen... you've got to check them out!  Mix amazing guitarists and a drummer with a kick ass Irish chick that has CRAZY pipes... and you get WATF.  Seeing them live is crazy... Carly's voice is flawless and the band will literally blow your face off it's so good.  Check them out!!

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