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    AWESOME band to check out! Started by waysae

    I heard of Halestorm at a We Are The Fallen show I was at from a friend who lovvves Halestorm.  I'm a new fan, and excited to see them live someday.

    If you haven't heard of We Are The Fallen... you've got to check them out!  Mix amazing guitarists and a drummer with a kick ass Irish chick that has CRAZY pipes... and you get WATF.  Seeing them live is crazy... Carly's voice is flawless and the band will literally blow your face off it's so good.  Check them out!!

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    Halestorm "Movers & Shakers" and "Tired O... Started by Tiara

    A couple more old songs I've stumbled upon.  The first one is "Movers & Shakers".  I'll embed "Tired O' Tryin" in a few minutes when the video is done processing on YouTube.  Enjoy these.  I had never even heard of either of these songs, so it was cool to discover a couple "new" Halestorm songs.

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    Here's to Us Started by jllieblein

    I downloaded Hello It's Ms Hyde from itues the day it came out on Itunes, and the lyrics are slightly different from the offical lyrics posted on here? Is this a radio edit or something that was incorrectly posted? I listened to the version that's available now, and that has the lyrics that were posted on fron page.

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    As I'm sure you all know, our own Arejay is up for best "up and commer", (this one writes itself folks......), in Modern Drummer magazine. I'm sure you all got the e-mail like I did, but in case you didn't, here's the link:

    I just wanted to wish you good luck Arejay! You got my vote because you deserve it buddy!! When y'all comming back to Cali.?? We miss you!!

    Just ordered my "Live At Philly." Can't wait to see it!!! I hope you wore them cutoffs Lzzy! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

    Love yas!!


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    Is there a way to secure tickets for the show in dewey beach,... Started by lorimac375

    I'm just wondering if i can get "advance reservations" for the bottle and cork show in dewey beach.  its free, and i'm driving down from nj.  it would be horrible if we went all the way down there and then couldn't get in!! any info?

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    What happens when you call that number? Started by Ana Mollie

    You know what I'm talking about: that number with the Halestorm logo that seems to be written on a bathroom wall.

    What happens if you call the number? What is it for, if nothing happens when you call it?

    Basically, what's the story, 'cause it's been bugging me for a while now.

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    Halestorm Karaoke Tracks? Started by jamieinwyoming

    I own a mobile dj & karaoke business in SE Wyoming. I LOVE Halestorm, and I have a lot of ladies, including myself, who would love to find Halestorm for karaoke. Does it EXIST? I cannot seem to find ANYTHING!

    PLEASE, if anyone knows a vendor that has created Halestorm CDGs, please let me know.

    Jamie in Wyoming

    Epic Entertainment

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    SERIOUS THANK YOU FOR LZZY Started by jkrmom

    I didn't know how to get you so I thought I would say it here.  I've been trying to quit smoking for a # of years and you are a huge inspiration.  Everytime I listen to your voice it brings tears to my eyes, especially when my kid's are singin with me.  I WILL get my voice back and I WILL win a future contest.  Thank you so much.

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    More Cali dates! Started by Calirocker77

    I'd like to see more California shows, as I live in California and can't afford to fly across the states to see the show..although if I could afford it...I'd so do it! Keep on rockin!

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    Rock Salute from Old Gizzard Started by iggster

    At 50, I gotta be oldest (or one of the) Halestorm fans, all thanks to my lovely 15 year old daughter Natasha. Although, from the looks of it at the January Crocodile Rock Halestorm show in PA, there might be more aged Rock nuts like meself :-) I was really impressed by the sheer energy the band projected and, upon return to our NJ home, plunked down $1400 (ouch!) for new white Explorer, to keep Natasha rocking. (if I could only get that guitar strap Lzzy wears.... anyone?)

    Here is a link to my daughter and her very talented cuz Miriam performing "Familiar Taste...".

    (My drunk friend decided

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    drumming solo vancouver? Started by burneelu

    hey, you people were awesome today in Vancouver, totally hooked. just wondering about the drumming piece, is there a track for it, specially the one you did in Vancouver.

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    Halestorm in frago! Started by VampirexXxDemon

    I went to see Halestorm at the Aquariam above a bar downtown. ans it was AWESOME!!!! it was technecaly my first ever concert but i went o two when i was really young like maybe 5 years old. i dont know. but other than that i had an awesome time. Lzzy even gave me a guitar pick from her stand i was so happy. i was spazzing like the little fan girl i have proven myself to be. i see this band was the highlight of my year... so far. unfortanetly i was sick the next day but. i had a sore throat befor i had gone anyways but the screaming helped. the opening band Adeltas way was awesome as well.

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    Halestorm on Rock Band? Started by Abraxen

    I hope that you folks running the band realize that there is an option to add Halestorm's songs into Rock Band.

    I'm waiting.  For a long time.  Halestorm gets paid, and the gans get to play your songs in Rock Band.

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    Avalanche Bloomington Started by avalunch

    Awesome show last night in Bloomington.  Arejay on those drums was worth the price of admission!   Met the band at the shirt signing, everyone was super nice.  New fan here, big fan here!   Thanx.

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    Your First Halestorm Show/Moment Started by Halestorm WebCrew

    Discuss your first Halestorm experiences here.

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