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    What happend in Wenatchee Wa Started by Jeremy_6

    Hey halestorm if you guys read this what happend to you in wenatchee i was so psyched to see you live for the first time. Please come back if you get the chance

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    Dancing With Our Heroes Fundraiser...Bringing in some rock! Started by hjones118

    Hey Everybody!

    Just wanted to advertise an event I am part of on April 28th called Dancing with our Heroes. Basically it is dancing with the stars but they are using local law enforcement officers and training us to compete at the Hanover Marriott in Hanover, NJ. This benefit raises money for a non-rpofit organization called Wives Behind the Badges. Basically as a police officer, if I was seriosuly injured or killed in the line of duty, Wies Behind the Badges help raise money to support my family and helps with funds for education expenses with my kids.

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    Cat 5 Stormers? Started by Storm the Airwaves

    I admit I'm kind of new to Halestorm (I discovered them back in January), but I'm pretty well obsessed at this point. Maybe this is a stupid question.

    I keep hearing references (here, other places on the internet, and at shows) to a group of fans called "Category Five Stormers" or just "Cat 5," but I can't find any information on what that actually means.

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    Shed Some Light--TWO different versions with Lzzy featured Started by Tiara

    A long time ago, I heard a version of Shed Some Light that featured a little bit of Lzzy singing (but it was still mostly Brent with her in the background).  Someone just recently posted a version where's it's the reverse.  Lzzy sings the majority of the song, with Brent in the background.  I had no idea this version existed, and I think it's pretty cool.  Here's the link:


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    Hey does anyone know when T-Shirts will get mailed out from the... Started by Scott Ward

    We did the Paladium in Worcester,Ma. at the end of April and still have'nt recieved the T's yet???

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    I BLEED Started by terry71504tabi

    where can i get this song? i heard it on youtube & i totally luv it!!!! want 2 get it 4 my mp3 player!!! plz help

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    Meet & Greet Started by mamasfool

    Does anyone know if Halestorm offers Meet & Greet tickets for this tour ?? Thanks !

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    Halestorm at Rocklahoma 2010 Started by lions38

    I would love to see Halestorm on the bill at this year's Rocklahoma 2010.

    Anybody else  want to see the best up and coming band at one of the

    biggest music festivals of the year!!  Lizzy get the guys together and go

    to Pryor, Oklahoma May 28, 29, 30  I will be going, and I am from Ohio.

    They are mixing the new bands with the 80's rock bands!!

    Halestorm needs to be on stage!!!!

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    Opening night photos, Avalanche Tour, Milwaukee Started by slover1011

    Forgot to post after the shots went up.  Check 'em out!

    All artists from Avalanche are covered:

    Halestorm in particular:


    [edit] corrected link

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    Info on the NEW ALBUM! Started by Storm the Airwaves

    Hi, everyone. For those who don't know me, I'm the guy who runs Storm the Airwaves. This past Friday, Halestorm invited me to their studio in Los Angeles to listen to a few previously-unheard tracks from the new album, and they gave their blessing for me to share some information with the world, so here it is!

    They've recorded a total of seventeen songs, though right now their label only wants eleven on the final product -- Lzzy told them the band doesn't think that's enough. Which means that right now, the exact number of tracks is still up in the air, but should be at least eleven.

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    Road Parents Started by GypsyStarChild

       As a GOD mother,To one local band~An as a "Stage Mother" to another local band...Both jus local talent in my town~My GOD children worked hard to get where they are at~

     I enjoyed watching them grow into thier niche of local fame~For when they was real young~They too listened to our music back in "Da DAY" growing up, Much like HALESTORM did, As ive read from what they spoke of when they spoke of thier parents.

      Im very curious as to the parents of HALESTORM, Upon the, insights & pride, Along w/supporting,LiZZY, ARAJAY & bandmates, In thier roles as parents who supported them along the

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    Anyone at the Houes Of Blues (Chicago) last night?!? Started by CHI-TOWN-GIRL

    I had a great time!!

    It was a fantastic show!!!!

    I wish Halestorm had a longer set...what did they play 7 songs?...not long enough for me!

    I came to see Halestorm!, Shinedown were just an added bonus, and that's what I told Halestorm!!

    Great hanging/talking with Halestorm after the show!!!


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    Vote on the video/date lzzy looks her best ( ps she smokin all... Started by carrerasportt

    Her look, and hair look best in the official video of I get off on you. I also own a salon and think the long, thick dark brown,,, although not her wildest do, was the sexiest,, sometimes less is more.

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    "american boys" Started by sweetmtngirl

    we seen ya'll at carolina rebellion (and my son STILL hasnt gotten over it!!) we heard a song--think it was "american boys"--is that already released--or will be on the next album?? Me and my daughter both loved it :)

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    Steal my lyrics... please?!!? Started by Magz

    I absolutely love you guys and have much respect for you. Please check out my poetry/lyrics sometime? I would love it if you turned some of my writing into a song.

    Much love! Rock on.


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