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    European tour? Started by Laurencia

    Come to play to Finland!

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    Whose going to the Sept. 1st show in Charlotte, NC?! Started by B_3

    Just wondering where all the NC/SC fans are at :) and whose all going to see Halestorm, Disturbed, Stone Sour, and Avenged Sevenfold!! I'll definitely be there.

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    Greenville, SC - 12/02 Started by drumstyxx

    I'm there tomorrow night!  Who else is going? 

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    WHEN, oh WHEN oh WHEN will a UK tour be announced???? Started by princessgotherina

    I was told by the band themselves at Wembley last year that they will be back in the Autumn of this year and at one time there were dates in October and November listed in the UK store site but no tickets went on sale...and then they suddenly disappeared. It's not long til October/November now and I'm gettig anxious and impatient to get my tickets!


    Anyone any idea?



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    Anyone seen the new vid from Phily? Started by Jim The Fat Rat...

    Just got the combo pack last night and was glued to the tube w/ the surround sound on. Love the concept video of "Familiar Taste".... The CD/DVD combo was $17  at Hastings....definitly worth the dough, although my wife my me put it back under the effin' tree! P.S AreJay has lost his damn mind...

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    video taping live shows Started by coachrb

    Is video taping at live Halestomr shows allowed by the band.

    I notice that fans post video and I would be willing to do that and share on the site.

    any feedback on this?



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    Does Any1 Know If Halestorm Will Be Sticking Around After Their... Started by IamAstrmChsr

    Hey Everyone, I know this might be a tough question to answer but I was wondering if anyone knew if Halestorm might be around after their Richmond show on 9-11 to meet their fans and sign autographs and stuff?  I was unable to meet them at their concert on 8-30 at the Festival Pier in Philly and don't want to have that happen again..

    Thanks guys for all your help here and for reading my question :)


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    Halestorm "Move Me" Started by Tiara

    I have no idea when this was recorded.  If anyone knows please enlighten me because I'd love to know.

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    Who do you love? Started by Otto Stephens

    Why can I only find a mix video/slide show of Halestorm performing Who do you love?

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    Covers Performed Live Started by Ryan

    I just saw them in Grand Rapids and they performed Black Dog and it was better than the original.  They covered another song, but I don't know what it was, I was hoping someone else knew. 

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    05.02.2012 - Cologne/Germany Started by CNU

    I´ve been there and really enjoyed it.

    Photography-wise, check!/pages/Carina-Ullmann-Photography/197183547011723 for the outcome :)

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    Halestorm at Maquerade Music Park (04/01) Started by Hotlanta

    Awesome performance! Great to see the long line to buy merch and meet the band after Skillet played. Thanks again to Halestorm for coming back to talk with us even though we missed “meet and greet”. Your appreciation for your fans will have you headlining large venues soon! Arejay, happy birthday…really enjoyed the drum solo. Lzzy, as always, you were beautiful and “rocked the house”. Hope to see all of you again soon in the ATL.

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    Familar taste of Posion video?? Started by bswanson1

    will there be a video for the new single a familar taste of poison?

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    Dancing With Our Heroes Fundraiser...Bringing in some rock! Started by hjones118

    Hey Everybody!

    Just wanted to advertise an event I am part of on April 28th called Dancing with our Heroes. Basically it is dancing with the stars but they are using local law enforcement officers and training us to compete at the Hanover Marriott in Hanover, NJ. This benefit raises money for a non-rpofit organization called Wives Behind the Badges. Basically as a police officer, if I was seriosuly injured or killed in the line of duty, Wies Behind the Badges help raise money to support my family and helps with funds for education expenses with my kids.

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    Tour Date? Started by llapoma

    I saw ad in my local paper for Halestorm to be playing with Kamelot at the Pallidium in Massachusetts. When I went onto the website to buy tickets the band was listed as Alestorm. Honestly it could be a huge typo on the part of the venue, but when I checked the other band's site it said the same thing. Anyone have any idea if the band has an end of August gig in Mass? I'd love to see them twice in one summer :)

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