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    VIP for Canadian Cities Started by dobby

    Hi, Kent here. Are there going to be any VIP Tickets\upgrades for any of the Canadian cities? I already bought my ticket to see the show in Winnipeg in November but would really love to go to a "Meet and Greet" as well.


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    Windsor, Canada Meet and Greet Started by

    Will there be a meet and greet for this venue?

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    Windsor, Canada Meet and Greet Started by

    Will there be a meet and greet for this venue?

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    Carnival Of Madness Started by Stacey

    Can't find the presale code for this!!!

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    Lzzy Started by ozzy0505

    How's Lzzy doing? Her Facebook page is down, Haven t heard anything since the cancellations.

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    VIP Tickets Started by Guy350

    I would really like to buy 1 VIP ticket for Halestorm's show at Penns Landing in Philadelphia in October. Does anyone know where I can buy one?


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    Why no Large Heavy Skulls T shirts? Started by ddrand69

    I was so stoked to get a Heavy Skulls T-shirt, but they're only available in Small & Medium. Will they be made in Large ever?

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    Grand Rapids MI Started by snewk

    Joined the Halestorm fan club after I had already purchased tickets for the July 2 show at the Orbit in grand Rapids MI. Is there anything I can do to get meet and greet passes or some type of VIP package. Cant wait to take part in what I am anticipating will be my first of many Halestorm concerts.

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    Carnival of Madness Tour uk 2016 Started by shannonhale.14

    Just want to know if Halestorm will be doing a Meet and Greet when they come to UK in 2016. Hoping to go to Liverpool Echo Arena in January but would love to meet them again.

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    I have bought a London ticket (August UK) and wanted a Liverpool one. I have got my Liverpool one, so need to sell my London one. I only want £25 for it (which includes recorded postage). It's to cover costs for buying it as well as the recorded postage.

    If interested my email is:

    I will accept Paypal, cheque or Postal Order. Cash wouldn't be advisable because it's not safe, however if you want to send cash I would happily accept if you sent it recorded.



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    Tickets for Windsor Started by michael_gullion

    Anyone know why the tickets for the Windsor show with 3DG hasn't been listed yet?

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    SF Meet & Greet-HELP Started by IGetOff1322

    I know it says we can only get Meet & Greet items signed during meeting with the band. Now, does that also include the colored LP that was mailed to us or only items given once we get there?

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    BOISE MEET and GREET HELP PLEASE!! Started by Graywolfefreaks

    Dear Halestorm, Lzzy, Arejay, Joe and Josh,
    I am writing you to humbly ask for your help. My name is Kelly Wolfe and I’m writing you concerning my blessing of a husband. His name is Matthew. This wonderful man of mine has been through a hell of a lot in his short 40 years of life. You see, he was born with severe heart defect (TOF), involving 4 major areas of the heart. He has had 3 extensive open heart surgeries to fix this defect, his last one being almost 15 years ago. We recently found out that Matthew’s heart is failing and is going to need a heart transplant very soon.

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    Guitar Tab Started by Trilogy2003

    Who else would love to have Halestorm do up a guitar tab book? I've learned a few of their songs by ear but would love to have reference material such as a tab book.

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    A quick question Started by Graywolfefreaks

    Hi Freaks,
    My name is Matt and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what was the best way to send an email to the band or their management? I have wrote an email to them about there upcoming show next week in Boise and need to know who I can send it to. I know they recieve thousands of messages a day, It regards my health and need to get it to the right person and not some que that will take a week to get read.

    Thank you Kindly,
    Matt Graywolfe

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