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    Vip Started by Vonhart

    There`s a show in Richmond, Va on 5/15/16. Will there be any VIP packages ? also HOW about yall play Roanoke, va, Be awesome if you could

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    Greetings Started by Vonhart

    Hey Gang, This is Les here from Roanoke ,Va. I was turned on to Halestorm about 2 years ago by my wife ( yea, I,ve been living under a rock it seems. Been stuck just listening to my cd`s and records from the 80`s).
    We`ve known each other over 25 years.
    We meet when she and some friends came to see me and my band back in 1990 , so long ago. I didn't know it then but she had a crush on me ( she was 13, I 17 at the time) but we both had the same love for all things metal. Well years go by we both got married and divorced.

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    Are There ever Meet and Greet contests for Halestorm fanclub... Started by The Monster

    Are There ever Meet and Greet contests for Halestorm fanclub members?

    What I mean is, Do Halestorm ever do contests so some fanclub members from each city that they play in can meet them?

    In High School my nickname was "Wheelie" Because I am confined to a wheelchair due to Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. I am also dealing with hiatal hernia, and Barrett's esophagus. Quite the lengthy portion of my esophagus has Barrett's about 8 to 9 cm. That means an (Endoscopy) a scope down my throat once a year for now. My voice is very raspy and at times I am very hard to understand.

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    VIP M&G Lexington Ky Started by Gennyrocks

    I bought my daughter VIP tickets for the M&G in Lexington Ky on 4/6/2016 and was wondering if we bring my daughter's Lzzy Hale Signature Gibson Explorer, will there be enough time to have Lzzy (and the rest of the band) autograph it? It will be rough having to keep it with us during the concert, but I will if it means I can get the last piece of the puzzle to finish it. Thanks for the info.

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    Dear Daughter Started by Jill Biediger

    My family found out one month ago that my mother has breast cancer. It has been devastating to me because of how close she and I are to each other. She is currently in the middle of chemo and is very weak emotionally and physically, as are most chemo patients. I was able to travel and see her last week (and it was such a blessing to be with her). While I was there, I sat beside her in bed and played Dear Daughter. My mom thought it was the perfect song to describe our relationship and it brought her to tears.

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    2016 Tour Started by Selinah

    I was just there going to be a full US tour in the works for this year? I was hoping Indiana would be a place to Rock out in the near future...or someplace close to it?? I would give anything to meet my hero Lizzy Hale someday. I love her passion, he heart, her voice, everything! She is my idol!

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    Hi from Tokyo Started by kempersan

    Can't wait for the Dec 2 show in Tokyo!

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    Gifts for the band Started by pitsnipe

    I'm attending the upcoming show on 28APR15 and snagged gifts for the band, while I didn't have any gifts for them at the first meet and greet I attended, I cannot remember what the rules are, if any, regarding giving the band members gifts. I'm sure it'll probably be explained just prior to the actual meet and greet but wanted to ask fellow Stormchasers on here for their input. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to this quick question.

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    Cancelled show Started by Jakrieger76

    So I'm actually really upset. I live in Atlanta. Flew home to Phoenix to visit with family the same weekend as monster mash in Tempe AZ. Cost me 240 for the tickets that aren't gonna get refunded cuz I tried. 90 min drive from where my family is. Show up n there's an announcement that Halestorm cancelled do to in foreseen production issues. I'm really upset. Holding even go. Just left. Didn't care bout seeing anyone else there. Having real bad social anxiety I didn't want to deal with the crowd for bands I don't care bout.

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    San Francisco 20151019 Started by Roger

    Well, that was quite a show. I have no idea how Lzzy's voice holds out for even a single show, let alone a whole tour. Getting to meet the band was great. This is the best value concert that I've been to for a long, long time - and it really rocked. Just what I needed - thank you!

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    VIP package, help please Started by rockfan08

    Besides ID and confirmation E-mail for the order, is there anything else I would need, or anyone know what time I should get there by for the early entry if it starts at 6? I havent received my details yet

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    Thank You Roger and Beth Hale! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LZZY!!! Started by Hale~yun

    Happy Birthday to the Queen of Rock n Roll. Thank you Roger and Beth for giving us the best gift ever!

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    Meet and Greet in Riverside CA Started by iatguy

    Anyone got the meet and greet passes yet for Riverside CA show? Still waiting for mine.

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    Meet and Greet at Riverside Started by iatguy

    Anyone purchased VIP meet and greet for Riverside Ca? Have they mailed the tickets yet? Still waiting for mine and show is in two weeks.

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    Meet and Greet for Canadian Dates with TDG Started by ibanezludwig

    Anyone now if we are going to get Meet and Greet for the Canadian tour dates with Three Days Grace??

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