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    WI State Fair VIP Started by .Red.

    Has anyone been able to purchase a VIP Package for the August 5th show at the WI State Fair? I have been trying to do so, but whenever I click the VIP link on the page, it takes me to the purchasing page, which then takes me to a page where only the GA ticket is available for purchase. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thank you!

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    St. Louis Meet and Greet Started by Jdub77

    Does anyone know if there is a meet and greet for Fan Club members at the July 23rd St. Louis show?

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    Sweepstakes Started by casualtyofsociety

    Have any of you guys won the weekly sweepstakes? If so, were you emailed a form that had questions asking for your social security number, employer, and asking for it to be notarized? It just seems kind of shady.

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    VIP Nashville, TN? Started by Scooper76

    I am trying to find out if there are any VIP packages for the Nashville show. It shows a VIP button that redirects you to the ticketmaster website and there are not any VIP packages shown. Anyone have any idea if and how I get a VIP package for this show. My 13 year old is a huge fan and this is her birthday gift. TIA

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    Billings, MT 10/21/16 VIP sales yet? Started by thecheyguy

    I received the email about the Billings, MT show on 10/21/16 for VIP tickets. The link brings me to the show list, and it skips Billings. When will they release VIP tickets for Billings, MT? Anybody? Ha! Thanks.

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    Halestorm in Raleigh NC August 6 Started by lostsoul1959

    Just got an email from Pollstar that says Halestorm will now be on the Carnival of Madness tour when it comes through Raleigh NC on August 6. At first they were not listed as being at this show. I need to know if they are for sure going to be there. Got to get tickets if they are otherwise I may have to pass this one up.

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    Meet and Greet NO GO Started by Heres2Us

    I was totally mislead.. I did the presale.. and thought I was getting the VIP and no... only have the pre-sale....
    So.. I lost out on being a member... thanks... I have tried to get information and get nothing...

    I am really disappointed and now regret being a member. I thought I was getting a deal with being a member.. but I guess not.

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    Webster Hall NYC Show Started by Jerry Velardi

    I've been kinda busy, so it's been a while since I had the chance to make this comment- just wanted to say that the Halestorm,Lita Ford,Dorothy show at Webster Hall back in April rocked! I got a Lita Ford pick,a Halestorm signed poster, a cool Halestorm shirt, was about 3 feet away from Joe, 4 feet away from Arejay when he jumped onto the crowd at the end of the show- would have loved to give him a high five, maybe next time. Again -totally awesome!!!

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    Vip and m&g Started by Brian Love

    Can you get vip and m&g tix if you're an online member only and how? I don't see anything on the sight leading you there?

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    August 6th COM show in Raleigh Started by Dmanstanley

    Why can't I find a link to buy tickets VIP or anything for this show? Are Halestorm not playing this date? Can't wait to see you guys on Saturday in Cherokee, we'll be somewhere down front all hit and sweaty! Can't wait

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    Michigan Started by Wendi Marie

    I just have to say I see your tour every single year. Usually 2 concerts, sometimes 3. This year so far there is only 2 Michigan dates on the other side of the state. I have traveled there to see the band before. Usually there is a date in or near Grand Rapids. It often is an add on date which I was hoping for but so far no luck!! Please come to GR!!!

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    Saginaw Mi 5-19-16 VIP? Started by baseball lance

    Just wondering if meet and greet is available for May 19, 2016 Saginaw Mi

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    Saginaw,MI meet and greet? Started by baseball lance

    Any meet and greet for Saginaw MI on May 19 2016? The concert has been scheduled for a couple months nothing about Saginaw. Help,Thanks

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    Concert at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, TN Started by LittleWilbur

    Man........I was just wondering if anyone other fan club members saw the concert at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, TN on April 24, 2016. I was there with my cousin and he and I thought the show was awesome. I was already a fan of Halestorm and had been since their first album. I saw them play at a small club in Johnson City a few years back and thought that they would sound great in a larger venue. Man was I right. I repeat - they were freakin awesome. The songs that Lzzy did with Dorothy and Lita Ford were great as well. The whole theme of the concert was good.
    I just wanted them to

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    Seeking 1 for a Road Trip from Philly to New York on 27-Apr-2016 Started by RushStorm

    Hey StormChasers ... testing the waters here. I live just outside Philly and want to go to the Webster Hall show in Brooklyn this Wednesday, 27-Apr-2016.
    Have seen Lzzy and the band twice so far.
    Had a M&G at the Reading PA show on 01-Apr-2016.
    Now I NEED more.
    Looking to see if anyone from the (near) Philly area needs a ride and wants to go to the show.
    Just be a diehard fan.
    And looking for just one.
    If interested, see my pic under Photos. It'll be the first one.
    The photo is of me, my wife and our daughter, along with the band.
    As far as the show in Brooklyn, it'll just be me.

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