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    pre sale tickets Started by 1raggmopp

    Am i missing something, or are there no pre sale ticket purchasing on these summer dates? I've always been able to purchase tickets with my membership a day or two before the general public, but can't seem to find anything.....

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    Fanclub Merchandise Started by HSIRELAND

    Waiting 11 weeks for Fanclub merchandise to arrive - and still no sign - this is a joke - $179 for nothing!!!!!

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    2016/2017 Deluxe Package Started by huudat

    SO I'm guessing from other questions asked that my wife won't be receiving her surprise Deluxe Package for Christmas this year....?????

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    Rise above Fest Started by goldie1313

    Are you going to have a meet and greet ?

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    Hello Started by Jessica Kraemer

    Its heartbreaking to see all the negativity in the posts. I know I'm new however the first song I ever heard from Halestorm wasn't I get off or Love (Bites but so do i), It was You and I could fly. Halestorm has always had a way to lift me up when I get down and to embrace the woman I am. To be apart of something as great as this is all I could ask for. So just wanted to say hi :)

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    Missiontix lockedup Started by LrryV

    Tickets for 8/25 have been unavailable due to site being locked up (Missiontix, what a sorry outfit....2 hours now)

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    Fan Club Merchandise Started by soulman15

    I wish your shirts and other apparel had an option up to 3XL

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    Official Halestorm Fan Club - 2016/2017Packages Started by Angelica

    Hello everyone,
    So I'm just wondering if anyone has received their packages yet? I'm still waiting on mine and the t-shirt I won.

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    Introduce Yourself Stormers! Started by snoopymatt

    Hi Everyone,


    Matt Carey from Montoursville, PA. Been a fan of Halestorm since I saw them at 979X acoustic Secret show with Black Stone Cherry on 3/5/08. LOVE the band and their crew.....and their music!

    My family loves Halestorm too.....we were fortunate enough to win the One Fan, One Cowbelll contest and we got he thrill of our lives being onstage with Halestorm.

    See them multiple times now and will see them again in Dec.


    ROCK ON!



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    VIP Started by Cwatch16

    How do I purchase VIP passes or meet and greet?? Going to the show in Utica NY tomorrow.

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    Your perfect Halestorm cover EP Started by Hale~yun

    Halestorm is planning to make a new covers EP soon. What would be your perfect Halestorm cover EP? 1) Got No Shame/Brother Cane. 2) Heavy Metal/Sammy 3) Night Songs/ Cinderella 4) I don`t need no doctor/Humble Pie. 5) High Wire/Badlands. 6)Don't tell me you love me/Night Ranger

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    Meet and Greet Started by

    It seems that any shows after October 22, 2016 have a VIP tab but no VIP is available. Did anyone get VIP to the Montreal show? I was hoping to get 2 tickets for that. Any help is appreciated. Please comment if you have VIP to that show. Thanks

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    Song Amen a gift and message from Heaven Started by SunflowerSue96

    Please allow me to explain why and how I discovered this group and became a fan. I doubt they will read this as I am just a soul that no one knows but maybe by some random miracle they will see this and read it and know how truly special their songs are on their latest album and why. Their songs are more then just words; more then just songs... they are messages too from the afterlife. I found out of my grandma passing when I kept hearing on radio "Can I get an Amen" back on Weds. May 6, 2015. I never heard that song before or knew of Halestorm.

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    Lzzy's Birthday Started by Mr_Hyde

    Happy Birthday,

    I hope you have another great year, and all your wishes come true!

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    Customer service Started by Natasha

    Hey everybody,
    I'm embarrassed. I just purchased the deluxe package on Sunday, and my shipping address was entered in wrong. I contacted customer service that evening, and haven't gotten a response yet. Has anybody ever contacted customer service before? How long does it usually take for them to respond? The site says they ship in 24 hours, so I'm really worried that I will not get my order.

    Thanks so much,

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