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    Houston Started by krbowden65

    I didn't see a presale code for the Houston show, and I don't see that there is a meet and greet either. Anyone know?

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    Reanimate Meet and Greet Started by Stormypom

    Hey guys! I've been trying to buy the reanimate meet and greet package for the past two days now and everytime I go on ticketmaster it says there are not available. Is anybody else having this problem and does anybody know how to fix it? Are all the meet and greets sold or are there just none available?

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    houston tour Started by 72mach1

    Are there no VIP/meet and greet at the houston show??

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    Fan gifts Started by saloia

    Question about bringing (small) gifts to meet-and-greet:

    We have been to a handful of meet-and-greets with Halestorm before, and the items we could (or couldn't) bring for autograph were generally venue-specific. My husband is an artist and would like to share gifts he has created for Lzzy, Arejay, Josh and Joe -- will we be allowed to bring them in to the meet-and-greet in Ypsi, MI?

    ...And if so, does anyone have any insight to band members' favorite colors for said gift??? Thanks!

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  • Nikkischoll833's picture
    Answers Started by Nikkischoll833

    Hey Freaks I just joined the fan club today (Hale Yeah) I was hoping I could get VIP for the Rochester NY show on Feb 11th. I already have my tickets because I was at the cancelled show and was able to keep them. Can I still get VIP even though I already have tickets??

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    Why is this website not secure?? Started by AlliCatt727

    Get it together.

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  • AlliCatt727's picture
    I'm so drawn to the music Started by AlliCatt727

    I'm like hypnotized & I'm okay with that.

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  • JHTraver's picture
    Happy Birthday Lzzy Started by Mr_Hyde

    Hope you are having a great Birthday Mrs Hyde!

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    Deluxe package Started by tleonhardt503

    So I bought the package with the guitar and all the extra stuff. My question is how do I get the deluxe tickets? If i am not mistaken they came with the package.

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  • Incipits's picture
    Fan club prize Started by Scot Lehrer

    I win this contest months ago, filled out all the forms, followed all the directions and never got anything. Anyone ever receive what they say they've won?

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    Meet & Greet in Baltimore Started by DRHaight

    Is there any chance of a meet & greet at the Md State fair? I have my tickets to show but I always find out to late when meet & greet go on sale and I miss out. If you decide to have one please let me know so I can buy tickets. Thank you

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  • iloveghosts's picture
    Halestorm MD fans Started by iloveghosts

    Who here lives in MD?? I need to meet some other Halestorm fans!

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  • marcdiddy's picture
    Canadian Fams Started by Marc Didemus

    Are you a Canadian HaleStorm fan. Let me know. I would look forward to talking to some fans in Canada.

    Email me at


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  • Dianegoode's picture
    Meet and greet Started by Dianegoode

    Would love to meet Halestorm when they come to Columbus. Anyone know if they have VIP tickets or meet and greet packages?

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    Loudwire Started by snewk

    Is there going to be a meet and great for the June 16 Loudwire show in Flint MI? If so how do we register? Already have tickets

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