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    Let's get Halestorm in RockBand 4 Started by ThePedigree

    Putting a call out to the Halestorm Fan community. Rockband 4 is coming out this year, and I think it's long overdue that we get some Halestorm in Rockband!With the upcoming new title, the team is looking at what is being heavily requested to try to add to game as DLC.

    Even if you aren't a fan of the Rockband games, please show your support for Halestorm and vote for some of their songs for the game.

    You can vote for as many songs as you'd like. Thanks for your time and help!

    Category: Halestorm Fan Club Replies: 5 Last Reply: 2 months 2 weeks ago
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    OFFICIAL REPORT SPAM HERE THREAD Started by Halestorm WebCrew

    See spam anywhere on the site or content that violates the community ground rules? Post a link to thead or post where you saw the spam and the username of the spammer and we'll take care of it.

    Category: Site Support Replies: 1 Last Reply: 6 months 14 hours ago
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    Presale codes Started by raventx

    Anyone get their fan club codes for the ticket sales today??? I havent received anything since yesterday

    Category: Shows Replies: 2 Last Reply: 6 months 1 day ago
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    VIP M & G Offer, that is what the email said! Started by srwrci

    I received several emails telling me to join/renew my Fan Club membership so i can access the VIP M & G page and a chance at a M & G, only to spend my money and find nothing but a 1 1/2 year old thread asking about a particular stop on an old tour, of course this post went un-answered as well, so is this just another music industry scam to squeeze even more money from the fans . i don't see any options to sign up for a m & g here, i see i can enter to win a signed photo, but that is all i can find!

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    Meet & Greet in Toledo Started by Tina Donnelly

    Does anyone know what time we are to be there for the meet and greet in Toledo this Sunday? It's getting close and I haven't heard anything. Thank you!

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    New Tour Presales Started by Guy350

    Can anyone list the different packages that will be available for this fall's tour? And when they go on sale?


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    Toledo Meet and Greet Started by Dwizzle419

    I purchased meet and greet passes for the show in Toledo on the 29th. Is there any information yet as to where I am supposed to go and when? I have not gotten any information yet.

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    Meet and Greets Started by est54

    Does anyone know if there are going to be any meet and greet tickets available when Halestorm comes to Seattle? Just curious

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    Disappointed Started by AlliedToaster

    I thought purchasing a membership that, "yeah! I can get more insight, interview exclusives, video/music information that wasn't being presented to the general public, and see all kinds of social interaction from fans, the Halestorm fan club employees, or even members of the band itself. Man, was I blow away to see the website has not been updated, the "packages" for the Into the Wild Life album and glass, ect were sold out or out of date. No real news posted. I see the video teasers that you can view on YouTube and were emailed out to the groups distribution list.

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    VIP M&G Started by RonMorgan

    Does anybody know what time the M&G starts for the Grand Rapids show May 8th at the DeltaPlex?

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    May 10, 2018 - Reading, PA - Extra extra!! Started by rothyg

    I've got an extra VIP MEET & GREET ticket available for the May 10th show in Reading, PA. I think it'd be fun blind date of sorts so if there are any single lady freaks out there (25-35) you get first dibs!

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    HELP! Fan Club Presale Promo Code Not Working Started by Avi

    I joined the Halestorm Fan Club and was emailed a promo code to purchase presale tickets. I'm trying to purchase 2 tickets for the May 11, 2018 show at the Tsongas Center at Umass Lowell in Lowell, MA. When I enter the promo code it states that it's invalid and I've tried entering it many, many times with the same results. They do not sell tickets via phone and the only way to get support is via emailed, which I have done but have not received a reply. If you can be of any help with this matter it would be greatly appreciated as the presale ends tonight at 10pm.

    I can't miss this show!!!

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    Member Status Started by Matmandan

    How do you check your member status?

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    European Meet&Greet? Started by Venom94

    Anyone know something about vip tickets and meet&greet for this autumn european tour? I really wish to buy one.. and i don't want to lose this chance :)
    It anybody knows something please reply, i need infos for the Milan date
    Thanks to all stormers :))

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    tour in Nashville, TN, May 2018 Started by Angel Williams

    I know that Halestorm is on tour with In this moment for this particular venue... does anyone know who the main act will be? Do they just alternate or is it a particular band? I would love it if its Halestorm but either way, I know it will be a great show!

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