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    Question for Josh:

    I'm an up coming songwriter. And my style of writing is very off. It starts with an idea then I'll think about it for awhile then write a few lines; pace the floor thinking about it. Write another line or two, pace the floor, think about it. then write another line and repeat process...Doesn't sound like I'm writing at all does it? It sounds like I'm doing abit of laundry. Sometimes it'll take me a two days to finish a song to get it the way I see it in my mind. How do you approach songwriting and what do you think of my method?

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    Lzzy, Uncle J here, hi! I know you never read these as if it's not on the, but maybe someone can get this message to you in time for album 3. IF you are still selecting songs I had to say this: Your LP catalog is screaming out for another 3/4 timing track, none have made a studio album yet, Takes My Life is all that comes to mind off the EP. (tied as all time fav track) Seriously, get back into that 3/4 groove. Think "Say Something" groove, hard or soft, just a studio'd 3/4 please! As Al Franken said, "You'll be glad ya did!"

    Love Uncle

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    I just been listening to the song Rose In December and I and a lot of people agree that they should re-record this song. I think It would sound a lot better now that the band has grown up and Lzzy voice Is a lot stronger. A beautiful song needs to be reborn. How do we make this happen?

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