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    Hello! I have no idea if this question has been posted before, forgive me if it has and send me in the right direction.

    I want to know how your first time seeing Halestorm was!

    For me, it was flat out amazing and incredibly painful! I'd had surgery shortly before the concert. Nothing minor about it at all. I have a wick scar now running from my sternum down to 4" below my belly button. The pain was horrendous. But, I made my way to be in the front row, I danced, I head banged, and sang along with every song. So, beyond the pain, it was amazing!

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    I recently attended the show in Asheville NC. I purchased the VIP package which was to include:

    Halestorm VIP Package:
    • 1 GA ticket
    • Access to VIP Meet & Greet with Halestorm
    • 1 VIP Laminate
    • 1 Commemorative Ticket
    • 1 Exclusive Bandana

    No one received the commemorative ticket or a bandana. I was just wondering why? The meet & greet was fantastic and the show was out of this world but if you are supposed to receive these items I think you should get them or at least have an explanation why. Just saying! It's no huge deal just curious.

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    Once interesting interior game which kids can play with the use of some stage sets are drift car games - . In such video games you just need some sheets along with a start line and a complete line. Children can be split into two separate groups, and let them name their very own teams. The game can be produced more interesting by maintaining a trophy, certificate, or even medal for the team that will wins. Fold the page in half and make 1 team member sit on this while the rest of the team holds the other end of the linen. Then let the race start by shouting start, and watching which team crosses the conclusion line first and is victorious the prize.

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    Thor: The almighty of Thunder (May 3) - A video game dependent off of the upcoming movie in regards to a Norse god from Ariz-err. Asgard banished to live on the planet. The story for the video game will likely be along the same lines since the movie. There is nothing new or even groundbreaking with this game. If you are a older customer, you probably would like to avoid it or purchase it for a younger comparable. Projected scores (6. 0/6. 5).

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    Is anybody else having trouble seeing the upcoming tour dates? All I can see as a 'not authorised' banner, whether I'm signed in or not. Is this a site problem or is it just on my end?

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