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TONIGHT: Halestorm on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


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on July 21, 2010 - 10:31am

That's right everyone. Halestorm will be on Jimmy Fallon's show tonight. Make sure you tune in at 12:35am EST on NBC!!!


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Lzzy , I heard you guys for the first time on the Jimmy Fallen Show and I must say I was amazed with what I had witnessed. Your command of your vocals and stage presence was stunning. I was completely immersed in the bands performance. Rock on and I'll see you in Dallas Tx 9/10.
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I gotta say that was pretty amazing!!!
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UGGGGHHHH i fell asleep before Halestorm came on :(( so i watched it off of youtube but it would have been better the first time
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That was AMAZING. I'm not surprised, but I'm still amazed. Lzzy was, as always, glorious. On top of that, after the song, when Jimmy came out and thanked them for coming, you can see how genuine and humble and all-around nice they all are. Every time I see this band perform, I love them just a little more.
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BRA-Fn'-VA! OMG that was so much better than you'd think reading the below comments, no offense to the minimalist approach, but that was fabulous and downright breathtaking.... Here's why! (My turn to vent) Aside from it being my favorite on the record, as I've said b4, she delivered it with more energy and passion than she ever had before. She knew this mattered, and yeah she sang it great. But really what was the KILLING factor was how she presented herself, how dam original she showed herself to be. She was beyond confident, no sign of nerves, the national camera like an old friend. She showed herself to be the only thing like her, as she is, out there today. Almost androgynous-ly twisting to every word she came off like a beautiful M. Manson, yet sexier and lovely as always. Her sexuality is not the sale here, see (?), this is a woman a lot of guys would probably be afraid to mess with! Meanwhile she brought across Diane Lane "Streets Of Fire" era appeal. I don't know that anyone was ever like this as I spill this out. Sure Pat and Janis paved roads, but Lzzy is Lzzy, and after tonight I think many may have lost the ability to compare so easily. I've known and followed her for a decade and any comparisons I've made are out the door tonight, that's how original this presentation was. Jimmy was blown away, my gf who I made stay up with me was blown away...and wasn't expecting to be, America was surely blown the hell away as well. So to me, folks, this deserved a few more words... sorry 'bout that. :-) To me this was an unexpected "WTF, YEAH!" to the late night viewers, and THE song to do it with. Talk about a TV debut gone right, she didn't hurt the band one bit tonight. Oh and they looked and sounded great too, Joe was perfect, guitar sound perfect, Arejay could not wait to start hitting and hnce hit with meaning, Josh metronome steady as ever. And the pain in her face at the end words, I mean did you folks FEEL that or what?!?! WOW, again brava and bravo, me
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I happened to be watching Jimmy Fallon tonight and saw you on there. I made sure that I listened for the name of your band because I was so impressed. Wow! You guys are amazing! I'm definitely going to be purchasing your CD! Lizzy, you kind of sound a little bit like Ann Wilson from Heart which is one of my all time favorite bands. You have a beautiful voice. I can't wait to see what you bring out next. You are truly talented! Keep up the good work!!!!
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good stuff. sounds like denali for the popsters
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Wow you all sounded great. Lots of energy. Vocals and instrumentals were fantastic. Great job everyone!!
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That was definitely worth staying up late for!
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Ohhh my gosh, I didn't know about this band until I saw you guys on Jimmy Fallon and you were AMAZING. I'm gonna be calling myself a fan from now on, I loved Familiar Tasta of Poison
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this will be full of awesomesauce!
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Very exciting moment! I'm so happy for you guys and cannot wait to check it out!
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YAY!! Can't wait to watch and it is set to record on our dvr!! =)
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I'll be watching!!! Count on it!