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Shatter Me Video


Halestorm WebCrew's picture
on April 23, 2014 - 12:00am

Check out Lindsey Stirling's new video for Shatter Me, featuring Lzzy!


Chablis826's picture

Shatter Me is one of the most amazing songs! I love all of Halestorm's song, but this one really spoke to me. Lizzy, you have an amazing voice that gives me chills and in this song it is delightfully haunting along with the violin f Lindsey Stirling. Also wanted to say that the duet with Eric Church was AWESOME!! I rewind and listen to it everyday on my tv :-). I saw ya'll in concert at Bayfest in Mobile, AL last year, but have been listening to ya'll way before that! Keep making the amazing music ya'll make! I LOVE IT!!!