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MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball Adds Halestorm!


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on February 8, 2010 - 10:40am

That's right everyone. MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball ADDS Halestorm’s ‘It’s Not You’ into their official rotation.

It starts tonight, so you best TUNE IN TONIGHT!!!


CK623's picture

You mean any of the MTV channels still show videos? Wow...
lawcsn1969's picture

That tis Great News....:)
CrazyChris's picture

MTV2 is still a channel?
jim33's picture

congrats!! Glad to see you are getting some much deserved recognition.
RockChick's picture

Awesome news. Give me a reason to watch the channel again.
HaleRazor's picture

damn it dont come on till 3am here...but im definitly watchin!
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ET_123's picture

Congrats! That is awesome! So pumped for next month to see you guys in Grand Rapids! Crossing my fingers that it sells out!
shannin's picture

omg omg omg omg - and i wonder how it makes the band feel???? Whatcha say Lzzy???
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