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"Love Bites (So Do I)" Nominated in the Grammys!


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on December 6, 2012 - 10:20am

Halestorm's song "Love Bites (So Do I)" is nominated for best Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance in the 55th Annual Grammys! Be sure to watch the Grammys broadcast on February 10th at 8/7c on CBS!


andys1strocketqueen's picture

God I hope you guys win! I now you will though!
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Congratulations on the Grammy nod!!!! My daughter and I were front and center in Madison last night when you found out. What a special moment to share with you. My daughter will NEVER forget last night. Thank you SOOOOO much
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It's a great News! I have to say, that i've been listening only male - voice bands - like Disturbed or Soungarden, but recently I found Halestorm. The Song "I miss the misery" - and I was shocked - cause i've never thought, that female - voice band could be as awesome as you are guys! If you are reading that Lzzy (and other members) just know, that im so proud of you : ) Greeting from Poland!! P.s - I've written some lyrics of the song, if you ever want to see that and use that, i will be honored!
Don't get me Started...'s picture

I'm not gonna sit here a blow smoke up your ass but.....fuck ya you deserve this! Hell you're the only band that is nominated in this category that is relevant! I mean.... Iron Maiden had some good "records" in the 80's... but this shit? past accomplishments don't count! ...and that goes for Megadeath too... plus Dave is a douche! Anthrax? really? hell even the guys IN anthrax dont like anthrax! Who else.... oh Marilyn Manson? Ya... all the beautiful people grew up, took out their tongue piercings and forgot about you.... take your all attitude/no talent back to whatever Tim Burton movie you fell out of.... Ha! That leaves Lamb of God.... these guys actually rock! Anyway... congrats and good luck!!!!!
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Yes!!! thanks god. Halestorm is amazing this is well deserved and for all the people that don't like Halestorm and think they are a bad band well look at them now. They are nominated in the Grammys. Good job guys u rock and i cant wait to meet u at the electric factory. U guys Rock!!!
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Well deserved and long overdue! Only the first of many to come if you stay focused and true to the path you are on. It has been a blast to watch you all grow professionally and emotionally.......well, except you Arejay, Lord willing you will NEVER grow up! It wouldn't suit you bro. We love you just the way you are! But seriously folks, heartfelt congratulations to one and all. Your amazing individual and group talents need to be rewarded! I had such a great time at the Ace of Spades show. This new album is on my ipod and I listen to it everyday at work and it just gets better and better. I was so thrilled when you took to the piano Lzzy and played right in front of me. I recorded the whloe piece! Awesome! The only better experience than that was the private performance last year when you sang "Familiar Taste of Poison" to me literaly eye to eye. Yes, I know there were other people in the room, but to me, you were singing it just for me. I will take that moment to my grave as one of the highlights of my life! Your voice is amazing and never showcased better than in your acoustic sets. You really need to add that to your live performance! (hint,hint) I will be watching the Grammys with high hopes and much love and positive vibes flowing your way. My best to you all always! Peace and much love, Tim
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Congratulations on your nomination! Kick ass! Here's to you! Love to all from DES MOINES!