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IT'S COMING! Halestorm Live In Philly 2010 CD/DVD


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on October 19, 2010 - 4:02pm

A new live CD/DVD from your favorite band! More information and a pre-order coming VERY SOON!!!


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A dream come true, i really hoped they would do this to show the power of the band, this is what real rock sounds like, its going to be hard to wait, it comes out a week after my birthday, what a great treat..
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i was there!! Can't wait to see that show again!!
jim33's picture

Will be buying this.
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This is gonna be soooo Awesome...cannot wait, extremely excited!! Cool cover, btw ;)'s picture

I've been waiting for this since July, Best Buy has had a pre order of this for a while. They sound way better live, so I think this will be a good release, they don't sound right on the studio album and should only release live albums.
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Does anyone know if this will also be on Blu-Ray?
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@ChipDiMonick has a point. However, I think Halestorm is a band that will achieve greater following with a live record/DVD. Think Kiss Alive or Cheap Trick at Budokan and you can visualize how the live aspect of this band will come across. I will buy the live release for sure to see Halestorm in their natural environment. The pattern of studio record – tour – live release – tour is pretty much norm for the industry now. That’s how all the other bands do it so why not Halestorm? Studio records cost a LOT of money to make and the band can’t bring in tour revenue while they’re in the studio so it makes sense for up and coming bands to tour a couple years on a record. Besides, if the band can get their contract done, get great live exposure, and hopefully be profitable they’ll be in great shape for whatever their next deal brings.'s picture

So excited! I was at this show! xD
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I hope I'm not "finding the cloud on the silver lining" here, but I'm concerned. There's this live album coming out. And talk of a cover album. Considering that "One & Done" was a live album, releases of the new live album and the cover album would make only ONE original studio album among Halestorm's first FOUR releases on Atlantic. I seem to remember that Halestorm's deal was for six records. that I'm thinking of it, was that 4-5 version FTOP release on iTunes considered one of those six "records," too? Are these releases an indication that Atlantic is trying to get their contractual obligations over with as quickly, easily, and INEXPENSIVELY as possible and that Halestorm will be shopping for a new label soon? I recall from watching interviews that the band had 428 original songs written at the time the self-titled record was recorded. So, the release of these "non-new material" albums is not due to lack of material. Would a "Greatest Hits" album in 2011 be even more of an indication of Atlantic's intentions? Please note: I am a FAN of the band and I'm not knocking the band one bit for these non-new-material releases. Knowing the industry, I know that these types business decisions are not made BY the band but, in many cases, FOR the band. I WILL buy the new releases to support the band. But I can't help but wonder what's going on with the LABEL. I'd hate to see Halestorm get screwed by Atlantic especially because they've helped to promote their label mates (e.g., Ryan Star, New Medicine, etc.). What are you up to, Atlantic??? How much new, original Halestorm music are you gonna put out before their contract is fulfilled???
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cant wait! ..hope u post the playlist!! :)
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Awe. Some. SO happy about the DVD part especially.
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YESS YES YES I've been waiting and waiting for this!!