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Halestorm - 'I Miss The Misery' (Acoustic) video


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on September 26, 2012 - 12:43pm

Halestorm's amazing acoustic performance of 'I Miss The Misery' on the Pennsylvania rockers' tour bus at Download 2012!


randallbreeding's picture

I just had to stop over here and see the birthday girl sing acoustically. Hope you guys are having a blast out on the road and can't wait to see you later this fall.
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I have a bachelors in PR and Marketing I believe in you as a group, a bond, as a comapany. Can you let met me prove my worth in showing others how much they need Halestorm in their life? Holler back at me at my e-mail at Love you all, enjoyed my time at the Carolina REebellion!
jllieblein's picture

They're from Red Lion PA, south of Harrisburg
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I have been a rocker for long time. I first heard I miss the misery on XM sat. radio. Love it!!!...OMG Lizzy can belt out a tune. I would like to go to a concert if they come to Pittsburgh,Pa. Am picking up Strange Case of tomorrow. Would like to know where the band is from? I heard Ohio??
jllieblein's picture

You guys really need to put out an acoustic album, or at least do an acoustic tour. Every one of the acoustic videos has been awesome.
xolzzyluvaox's picture

Lzzy, you did an incredible job with this song accoustically i think it should be a bonus song on the new record when you guys are ready to record one!
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I genuinely want them to record an acoustic album, transforming their heavier stuff, their acoustics of Love Bites are just chilling when her voice is like that
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I would get this version on my ipod. Halestorm is awesome and talented no matter how they preform a song.