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  • September 02, 2014

    From: Steve G.

    Question for Lzzy: A lot of young women have said you are their inspiration. When you hear someone say that to you during a meet and greet how does it make you feel? Any one memory of a fan encounter like this stand out?

    I'm very flattered and humbled to be someone's inspiration. As a girl with my own list if people who inspire me, I know how that feels! It's wonderful to know I can touch someone like that. Every fan encounter , every night is unique. I remember a guy who ripped off his boxers with a car key and gave em to me! Very romantic!

    Halestorm Fan Club
  • August 18, 2014

    Question from Donna B. for Josh
    Josh, Are you really the quiet one?
    Josh's Answer: .  Once ya get to know me I'm not so quiet:)

    Question from Steve G. for Josh
    When not on tour or recording with Halestorm do you work with other bands?
    Josh's Answer: Not other bands per say.  But I'm always down for it!  I jam with friends whenever I'm home.

    Halestorm Fan Club
  • August 14, 2014

    Question from Donna B for Arejay - Do you every get protective over Lzzy having so many guys and girls screaming, uh....'wants' at your sister?

    Arejay's answer: Haha well we are family so we both look out for eachother ;) believe it or not I think she's actually more protective of me!!! lol

    Halestorm Fan Club
  • August 14, 2014

    Question for Joe from Rob F. - What is the funniest thing to happen you whilst on stage?


    Joe's answer: 
I walked backwards into my marshall stack while opening for megadeath in France. I'm not cool.

    Halestorm Fan Club
  • August 11, 2014

    Question for Lzzy:

    You are very active on your social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. Every interaction you have with a fan means so much to them. How important is keeping the connection alive between you and the fans, especially as Halestorm's fanbase becomes bigger?


    It's important for me not just on a professional level, but personally to put myself out there. You all inspire me everyday. This isn't about me being a rockstar and you being a fan, this is something we all get to be a part of together!

    Halestorm Fan Club