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  • November 17, 2014

    Question for Lzzy from Carl Z.
    You're a good friends with Corey Taylor. Does that make you a fellow maggot and stone sour fan?

    Lzzy's answer:
    We are huge fans of not only Corey's music but him as a person! Stellar human!

    Question for Lzzy from Ashley M.

    Have you ever received any weird gifts during/ after a concert?

    Lzzy'a answer:
    Yes, a tampon, used undies, dildo, a golden dazzling pacifier, a cat woman costume, etc... The list goes on.

    Halestorm Fan Club
  • November 04, 2014

    Halestorm has a few more headline dates coming up and the Official Halestorm Fan Club has your presale tickets and VIP Packages! Presales will begin for the dates below on Wednesday, November 5th at 12 noon local venue time.  Please see below for more info. This is your chance to get presale tickets before the general public! There will also be a limited amount of VIP Packages available at the time of purchase!


    Halestorm VIP Package:

        •    1 GA ticket

        •    Access to VIP Meet & Greet with Halestorm

        •    1 VIP Laminate

        •    1 Commemorative Ticket

        •    1 Exclusive Bandana


    Halestorm Fan Club
  • October 30, 2014


    We've got another round of questions and answers from Haslestorm for Official Fan Club members only!

    Check out a couple of new ones below from Josh!


    Question from Kevin H. for Josh: What is your favorite Halestorm song to play live and why?
    Josh's answer:  I always enjoy playing 'Rock Show'.  The crowd always seems to enjoy the song, but I like the dance I have to do between instruments.  Some nights I'll botch a transition, but it's still fun to jump from bass, to keys, to Moog.

    Question from Lauren H. for Josh: What is your most memorable experience with the fans?
    Josh's answer: Hm.

    Halestorm Fan Club
  • October 21, 2014

    Questions from: Anthony C.

    Do you see yourselves headlining a major festival such as Download or Wacken in the future?

    Arejay's answer: That would be a dream come true to headline a festival like that!! It would be nerve racking haha but so exciting!!! We love playing festivals and we absolutely will be hitting a lot of them when our new record comes

    If you could have any band - past or present - as your support act for a tour, who would it be?

    Arejay's answer: Well I wouldn't wanna follow any of my favorite bands BUT I would go on tour and support Rolling Stones (I wanna party with

    Halestorm Fan Club
  • October 14, 2014

    We've got the fourth installment of our behind-the-scenes video series documenting the making of the new Halestorm album ready for you now! This is for your eyes only before we make it available to the public tomorrow. We hope you enjoy this 13+ minute video that takes you inside the studio during our fourth week in the studio...



    Halestorm Fan Club