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  • September 16, 2014

    Q&A #13 from Don W. for Arejay

    You are one of the best drummers in music today and I love the personality you throw into your performances. I think you have what it takes to beat Chad Smith, Will Ferrell AND Lars Ulrich in a drum off. Care to throw your hat in?

    Arejay's answer: Dude, that really means a lot, thank you Don!

    Halestorm Fan Club
  • September 08, 2014

    Question from: Luke M.: Joe, are there any specific guitar masters that you have modeled your style after?
    Joe's answer: No one in particular. When I hear something that inspires me, I try I learn it. I'm currently on a Johnny Winters kick.

    Question from Donna D.: I am really looking forward to seeing you on Dec. 11 in Ga on the Outsiders Tour with 1 of my all time favs,Dwight Yoakam!! Will you be doing a normal set or throwing in some country covers?
    Joe's answer: I'm thinking our best bet is to be 100% ourselves. Like anything in life, some people are going to love us and some are not.

    Halestorm Fan Club
  • September 02, 2014
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  • September 02, 2014

    From: Steve G.

    Question for Lzzy: A lot of young women have said you are their inspiration. When you hear someone say that to you during a meet and greet how does it make you feel? Any one memory of a fan encounter like this stand out?

    I'm very flattered and humbled to be someone's inspiration. As a girl with my own list if people who inspire me, I know how that feels! It's wonderful to know I can touch someone like that. Every fan encounter , every night is unique. I remember a guy who ripped off his boxers with a car key and gave em to me! Very romantic!

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  • August 18, 2014

    Question from Donna B. for Josh
    Josh, Are you really the quiet one?
    Josh's Answer: .  Once ya get to know me I'm not so quiet:)

    Question from Steve G. for Josh
    When not on tour or recording with Halestorm do you work with other bands?
    Josh's Answer: Not other bands per say.  But I'm always down for it!  I jam with friends whenever I'm home.

    Halestorm Fan Club