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The Strange Case Of ...

strange-case of.. by Halestormrocks
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April 9, 2012
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AnthonyRizzuto's picture

Too many people (like me) found this band by mistake. That is ridiculous!! They rock like the best of 'em - one of the best voices and drummers in the biz. Social media is free - why are they not out there more? They seriously need to step up the marketing.

tragland's picture

i have taken my daughter to c justin beaber taylor swift twice miley cyrus twice and one direction time for daddy to see his favorite band cant wait nashville tn april 22

JakeLangholz's picture

I've got to say I've been following you guys 4 years now. Been to three concerts all have been excellent, from Sioux Falls to Des Moines and most recently St. Petersburg. Sioux Falls was probably the most memorable, it was in a parking lot, with the wind and the rain, at roughly 50 degrees. And you guys still rocked our faces off. Few bands can pull off a performance like you guys do night after night. Everyone should know fan or not, that a ticket to your guys' shows never disappoint, no matter the conditions.

mgallagher465's picture

I'm 49 and also found Halestorm by accident when researching a band my son likes (Falling in Reverse). I love Halestorm and have gotten my 15 yr old son and 12 yr old daughter into them, and am taking them to the Stone Pony in May for Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless. This is the closest to good old fashioned hard / classic rock that I've heard from a new band in a long time. I'm not a big fan of the "death metal" or thrash bands, but Halestorm is all rock Can't wait until May.

MickieSanford's picture

I have to truly say that at 48 years old the concert January 13th at The Gillioz theatre in Springfield Missouri was the best concert I have ever seen and I have been a long time Pat Benatar since she came out but I have to say Lzzy Hale put on a much better concert then Pat Benatar has ever done... the funny thing at the time that I found Lzzy Hale and Halestorm was I was doing a search for Pat Benatar then I did a search for Evanescence and lzzys name popped up on Google and ever since then I have been in love...

polkowj's picture

Glad to see I'm not the only above 40 something fan (47) Love these guys and found them by accident. Please make Texas a frequent stop.

wbrooks1951's picture

I'm 63. Ditto about "Here's to Us", it could be our generation's theme song. First saw Lzzy when she did "Shattered" with Lindsey Stirling and was instantly in love with her and then Halestorm. Joined the fan club, saw the band in St. Petersburg last month and was simply amazed. Can't wait till they come back.

dangoin63's picture

yes,i admit it i'm a 66 year old fan of this band and their collective creativity.i was listeneing to sirius xm the first time i heard here's to us,and thought 50 years of listening to r&r,someone finally put into words how i've felt all my life.went home ordered tickets to minglewood hall forthe 2013 show ad haven't looked back.ijoined the fan club,something i've never done vip tickets for minglewood hall for dec.8.can't wait to see them again

Michal's picture

Come to Poland :D ^^

ValeriaFaris's picture

I hope they come to Texas. We have one of the greatest states & several big cities they could play at.

platinumsmith's picture

Houston coming up.

platinumsmith's picture

Start with Dallas.

msevor's picture

I still cant get over when I seen these guys and its almost been a year when they rocked good ol Springfield, Missouri. it was like my first big time concert and it was that awesome. now I wanna see Halestorm perform at the Missouri State Fair this year's picture

Halestorm ROCKED Nashville last night. I mean ROCKED the house. I am looking forward to another dose! I have never seen drums played quite that way before but I will again and again!
Thank you for giving my dearest friend and myself the memories. For over 20 years she and I have traveled for as many RUSH concerts we could. Life has put miles between our bodies, but not our hearts. She text me one night and asked what I was doing. I was finalizing my purchase of 2 tickets at a venue close to her home. She was not familiar with Halestorm, but when I said all I needed was my PLUS ONE, she volunteered. We had a blast. The Halestorm fan list is now PLUS ONE more! THANK YOU! I wish you much success and i hope you stay safe during your travels. Halestorm will be around for a while.
P.S. I still think what California thought was a quake yesterday was really the Earth shifting because my collection of rock memorabilia that I have invested THOUSANDS of dollars over several decades in finally received it's first autographed CD and it was not RUSH! The boys will surely understand Lzzy is much prettier! loved the fishnet! Looking forward to adding more Halestorm to my collection. And thank you for the sacrifices you make to be one the road catering to so many people! I was definitely BORN TO BURN. Arent all us FREAKS. Peace!

macsnob's picture

Cover song suggestion but first... Hoping to see you at the Iowa State Fair. Didn't go to LazerFest last year but my son said you were great.

You all do great covers by changing it from the original sound like Bad Romance and Get Lucky. I and a local DJ that runs the music at the Iowa Wild Hockey Games have both said we would love to hear your rocking version of Let It Go.

Halestorm Rocks!

rockbitch1127's picture

Aug.1st can't come soon enough. My daughter's and I are so excited and the 3 hour drive from home will definitely be worth it. Singing your songs the whole way!!!

ChrisvonRuhland's picture

Just heard you for the first time. OMFG!!! Can't get Misery out of my head (and why would I want to!?) Ordered the Strange Case & Live in Philly; will be playing them at full, ear bleeding volume (the only way imo). Halestorm; defenders of the fuckin' faith!!

metalheadkjk's picture

Hi Lzzy,Arejay,Joseph and Josh. metalhead here I just wanted to say hi. I just got a copy of strange case of and I love it!!! Every song was great and the vocals guitars/drums were off the chain!!(I have to say i was moved to tears when i heard ``In Your Room`` for the first time.It`s been a while since that happened.) I am now an official Halestorm fan. Here`s hoping you guys keep making more great music in the future. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in the years to come. Your fan, Metalhead. (Ps, Lzzy if you're reading this, i think you are one the hottest frontwomen in rock. Im serious. You have an amazing voice. If you ever have time to respond to this i would love it. If you don't it`s okay i understand.) Take care guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ShewbbaDtoun's picture

Okay guys I registered in this website for one mega very super good reason...
I don't know if you've ever heard the song Radioactive that has become quite famous now. If you haven't, listen to it (it's not really my kind but anyway). The fact is that a lot of people are doing covers of it... I heard that song just after listening to some Halestorm and I just wondered: "Fuck this is made for Lzzy's voice!!!". Do you agree? So write a comment, reply, share wathever, but make sure that the band knows it ;P
Oh! And, ask them to make it stronger, with punch! Kick some ass!!

BarryGardhouse's picture

saw you in roundhouse london with shinedown last year, and cardiff with alter bridge and both times, imho you were the best. you all rock.!!!!! hopefully coming to london this year again

ChrisGlover's picture

Just got tickets to see you in Manchester (uk) in april you guys rock!!!

powersrj's picture

Saw you guys at Headliners in Louisville on November 27, 2013. You guys rocked the roof off the place. It was great to meet all of you - just wish that I had brought something else to have signed. Hoping you guys come back around this way again next year. My sister and I will definitely be there. Rock on!

JosephStanzione's picture

Love the Strange Case Of..... Going to terminal 5 NYC on November 29....Rock on!

Stebow's picture

Saw you guys in Manchester, England on 22nd October 2013, with Shinedown and Alter Bridge. You were amazing, you really got the crowd going with your energy and power, and your version of Dissident Aggressor by Judas Priest was just awesome. Shinedown and Alter Bridge were amazing too! Can't wait to see you again in Manchester on 4th April 2014! :-)

SammieDougherty's picture

Soo excited I might get to see you guys in December!!! This is better than Christmas!

StormerBenjamin's picture

have my tickets to see them in pittsburgh, two weeks to the day before christmas.

best. present. ever.

had columbus day bust up any chance to get reanimate 2.0 a little early, only 39 minutes to go 'til it downloads from itunes. not even waiting, lol.

rock on... benjamin

thevampirequeen1's picture

Saw you in Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, IL, Milwaukee, WI and Atlantic City, NJ. Also getting tickets for HOB Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh. Hubby and I are real fans of your work. All of you are very talented but I must single out one amazing person...Lzzy! She makes me feel things just with her voice. How she can go from just singing to that growl or long note is truly amazing! My last fav band was Godsmack and I never thought anyone would top them but let me tell you that Halestorm is my new fav band and will be forever. Also, can't wait to get the deluxe version of your new cd tomorrow! Can't wait! Good luck on your journey's, be well and most of all...have fun!

rmblue3's picture

I already have my tickets and I can't wait to see you in Toronto, Canada on dec. 3rd!! I don't think there is one song that I don't like on "The Strange Case Of" and although I can rock out like crazy to your faster paced and heavier songs, I really enjoy your ballads. I am so looking forward to your show! In the meantime, enjoy your gigs, have fun and all of you, stay well!

BobHaight's picture

Im looking to seeing you at Grand Rapids Michigan On the 9th o sept I loved your concert At souring eagle casino When you were here First time Ive ever seen you My sister wanted to come but she had a concert to do her self Shes also a pro singer If i can afford im going to buy her a ticket When i told her you were going to be there Her exact words were OMG i love Lizzy After seeing you I can see why she would love to see you Thanks for the intrest Take care See you in GRAND RAPIDS

bsmgolis's picture

Hoping to see you at York fairgrounds