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ReAniMate: The Covers EP

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March 14, 2012
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thevampirequeen1's picture

I LIKE Lady Gaga but I LOVE Halestorm! This version of the song is amazing and great for all the metal heads who hate the new pop! I love this version!

TLC's picture

Lizzy's cover of Bad Romance is what this song SHOULD of been all along. She mananaged to take a song I HATE and turn it into something I love so much I get goosebumps!! Fantastic!

n7abel's picture

Where can I buy the CD?

Becca G.'s picture

She sings Bad Romance waaaaaay better than Lady Gaga <3

tnsdow1991's picture

I just got this cd, and ALL 6 songs are good!! My favs are the Heart & Lady Gaga covers, but Slave to the Grind, Hunger Strike, and Out ta get me are also really good!! Thanks for the good covers Halestorm!! :)

scooter67's picture

I keep hearing this original Gaga song way too many times. You need to be on US radio! You guys sound incredible!

gardocki's picture

Hunger Strike Sounds Great!!. You guys need to do a show at PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ

zombiemetalmilitia101's picture

lady gaga is a terrible singer. halestorm made Bad Romance a better version. i love this version. the old sucks. i love HALESTORM. HALESTORM FUCKING ROCKS!

MetalHead21's picture

i love the song i get off by them its soo cool

Midnyte Sunn's picture

Will you ever put I Bleed, Pieces, and the original It's Not You on an album? I hope so. They are three amazing songs by an amazing band. Love you guys!

farmerjt1980's picture

@Coolboy "When will there be a new album with new original Halestorm material?
It is apparently completed and just needs mixed, edited and whatever else. Should drop in stores early next year like Jan-March 2012.

farmerjt1980's picture

My favorite one on ReAniMate has to be the Hunger Strike cover. Bad Romance and the Heart cover are great too though. Can't wait for a new original Halestorm record, but this will hold me over for a bit longer, I think.

Coolboy's picture

When will there be a new album with new original Halestorm material?

lilybell's picture

GREAT show in Fayetteville! First time to see ya'll but definately not the last!

mark_duffy13's picture

Screw Axl lol

Mattis's picture

Come to Tennessee! Please!

Jeff Holifield's picture

are we gonna get some new halestorm original stuff soon

Chrissy's picture


sandicat's picture

love halestorm need to come back to PITTSBURGH soon!!!!!

GreyhoundGirl's picture

Love love love it!!! Had it on repeat for most of today :D
Really wish their record label would push their publicity in the UK though. Everyone i have played their album to has loved it, but they had never heard of them. Which sucks, caus they ROCK!!! x

Shumanflu's picture

I am in love with this band and just can't get enough. Can't wait for them to go global so they might play some gigs in N. Ireland. Keep up the great work and all the best for the future guys!

Goose's picture

I want to buy a CD copy of this EP so bad...

Anya's picture

I would like to upload the tabs of Love/hate Heartbreak, I would like playing this song whit my friends :)

a_familiar_taste_of_poision's picture

Cant wait till you come bact to fort wayne ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! this will be the 2 time ill see halestorm the most epic band it the world

swarnski's picture

Love Halestorm! A much better live band, they will be the band to watch out for in the next decade. Not those crappy "indie" bands, just good ol' American (PHILLY BABY!!!) hard rock band. With a great rhythm section, an up and coming guitar god in the making, and one of the best voices in modern rock, let alone THE BEST female singer in rock, yes, I believe that this is the next big hard rock band.

ann's picture

i like halestorm

Rya777's picture

my sister likes this version better ha. i like this one too i also think its better. ha

Mayhem's picture

The May Day show in Indy rocked it!! I'm hooked!!!!

designguy537's picture

HALESTORM knocked it outta' the park Saturday in Indy (WRZX, X103's "May Day" show)! One Hell of a show from one Hell-of-a-band! I can NOT wait to see them again!

Ludicrous Speed's picture

Best Band at Indy, wow!