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One and Done

Release date: 
April 28, 2006
Total Tracks: 


Debra51971's picture

Where can I buy this one at? I NEED TO HAVE IT!!!

Hendrix Storm's picture

I love the bluesiness of Takes My Life!

jblarue's picture

Can't wait for the Seattle, WA show!!! The Showbox is a great venue. I tried to get the extra special backstage passes, but I guess they're no longer avail, eh?

BRENDIS20's picture

I love one and done!!!!!!!it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Lina Fiertinasari's picture

how can I find Show Me song mp3 for download?

Any to Him's picture

Will it be possible to buy this CD on tour in europe/Germany?

tnsdow1991's picture

This is a good Live cd of early Halestorm, I like the old version of It's not you...and yes you can still find it, I just got one off of eBay!! :)

AndreaArellanoSalazar's picture

can we still buy it?

Irish_Storm's picture

If you want the CD I'm ot sure. If you want the digital copy you can find it I think I grabbed it off of amazon in the U.s. Sorry I can't be of more help.

candyass's picture

this album somehow magically found me.

Victoria's picture


jamesmugshot1991's picture

Well dang I never heard of this album! BUT IT SURE DOES SOUND PRETTY AWESOME!

KosherTaco26's picture

Why am I just finding out about One and Done? I need to buy this ASAP!

sourovrockz's picture

everything is awesome...great voice.....great guitar solo......great bits of drum....great bass sound......nd simply best lyrics....

embersfromashes's picture

Gawd Lzzy's voice is so damned awesome, she totally rocks this song!

Ronaldo Braga's picture

lzzy's voice has changed a lot! o.O
looks like a little girl singing! =D
My God! I love this band!

Sherry's picture

Waiting for you guys to come to Louisville KY ---- You totally ROCK and can't wait to see you live!!!

Chris_8's picture

I was 4th person from the stage as I heard all these live. They (Lizzy ... and the band) ROCKED ME and my entire city. I wished you were playing near me !!! October is my favorite month. But ... I will see you again !!! KEEP UP THE GREATNESS !!!

rabbitt_'s picture

omg... so i just heard your song everytime you close your eyes... instantly fell in love. but i was wondering who you collaborated with and if i could get the lyrics to it i got most of them typed out but some im not so sure about.... i saw you guys in concert with adelitas way a few months back Totally rocked my socks off. You touched my heart with this one tho. im so glad i found it! =D

mouseyinthedarkloveshalestorm's picture

awesome awesome awesome!!!!

I would love it if Not Enough were on here too, along with your other songs I found on you tube.

bobby levy's picture

when is halestorm going to bring out another album?'s picture

I have one signed copy and just bought another one, you can find them pretty easily on Amazon.

galusky73's picture

Can't stop playin The Hand. AFA!!!

kathrynla's picture

I have this signed in 2006 by entire band, my friend had hers stole, nayone know where I can buy another one? kathrynla

Mike Dunn's picture

I love this album, but I love the named album to. I hope you guys are making another.

MnDrummer's picture

Absolutely LOVE the album you guys! From a fellow metal musician, you have my thumbs, and horns, up! Tell your people to get your asses sceduled in Minnesota!! Hell, come on up north and play a gig with us!! We have wild times up here on the Iron Range!! Wahooo!!!

halestorm5489's picture

what cd is "i bleed" on and or soundtrack and where can i buy it?

TNR220's picture

First heard them play this in 2006. Raw, Edgy, From the gut rock and roll. Recently viewed the new video and studio version. Not a big fan.....but still like it though. I supppose that happens when you get signed.
Don't loose that edge guys..............

Terry D.'s picture

FYE is the only place I've seen that sells it.

SGTCavett's picture

how do i get the album one and done