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Hello, It's Mz. Hyde EP

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March 14, 2012
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petey's picture

next"legendary" bar song.....hail halestorm.

Rockmusicfan25's picture

JUst baught your CD The Strange Case Of.. I am sure it will be awsome.

farmerjt1980's picture

@ MjBond You can find the entire album at this link. They did a premiere of it, streaming at Livestream last night.

Other than that, you can pre-order it right now and have it relatively quick. The official store release is April 10th. I agree, it is indeed beyond awesome.

MjBond's picture

ok new record is beyond awesome but i cant find Mz. Hyde anywhere to downlaod or listen to again!!!! Where is it?!?!?!?!

bcnul8r's picture

Got a copy of the deluxe version and have listening to it all day at work. The new album is a great mix!!! I love Halestorm's versatility. I am going to see them at the MMRBQ on May 20. I can't wait!!

Tarkus's picture

was just checking the date to see how much longer we have to wait.

tkelly_1984's picture

Is it April 10th yet?? I can't flipping wait for "A Strange Case Of..." to come out. This is gonna be an epic album just like the self titled album is. Continue to rock on, you guys. Much love from Louisana!!

WolfmanJim's picture

Kick ass rock. I like these songs. You guys are improving greatly. Keep it up. Would like to know when you will blow back through Oklahoma City? I am an idiot for missing you the other times. Awesome Rock....... Jim

Sh00ter88's picture

Lzzy...(and Halestorm band) so excited to see you guys AGAIN in Nashville May 11th!!! Love all the new releases but RockShow kicks ass!!! Can't wait to get my precious hands on the new album!! You guys Rock!

jimmykeys's picture

Pre-ordered already with t-shirt and vinyl. Oh yeah baby!

bert's picture

hello lizzy its bert from the norva please write me back

morgan's picture

I saw Halestorm with Seether and Shinedown in Jacksonville back when It's Not You and The Hand came out...lost touch for a while but really looking forward to hearing the new music! I heard Here's To Us on Glee and loved it!

GTPAddict's picture

Just preordered the CD, thanks for giving us 4 great new tracks to get by on :) Absolutely fantastic music as always. Thank you all for doing what you do - can't wait to see ya'll in Atlanta again!!

HALESTORM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lakota's picture

EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! Man I can't wait for the entire new alblum,it's gonna be Great!!!!

schneidy0687's picture

Love the new music!! It's amazing!!

Craig A. Capinjola's picture

ill tell ya....this band just keeps getting better and better... what a awesome rock band...Great to see rock being revived!!

blackrose's picture

Is there a more perfect voice then Lzzy Hale's.... not in a million years!

alicjakarolina10's picture

Can't.Freakin.Wait to see you guys on April 13th!!!! I'll be the one in the front row screaming the whole time!!! :D

Dollhart's picture

Words cannot express how stoked I am for their new album.

jselin's picture

You outdid yourself again! The last 3 songs have kicked my ass.....;)

Not much else to say... hope to see ya soon!

tashadisaster's picture

These songs kick A$$!!! I absolutely love them all! It doesn't help that Lzzy has the most amazing voice EVER. ;) I've been blaring these songs since I've had them downloaded, haha!

Skitlex's picture

I absolutely love all the songs, my favorite would have to be Love Bites. However, I like the LIVE version of Love Bites much better. Lzzy screams more --her voice is more raw in the live version. I think it would be even more amazing if you just made it more raw like at this show:

CluelessAssassin's picture

I love "Here's to Us". I've been listening to it over and over all day. It would be really awesome if you could play in Red Lion or York, PA. I think it's really awesome that one of my favorite bands came from my home town. :)

fer's picture

Love Bites...grandiosa!! Europe wants to see you again, specially Spain!!

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moonstar86's picture

Love them!!!

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Bryanna's picture

They're all amazing! I can't decide which one I like best.

blazejaganshi's picture

finally! i've been waiting so (im)patiently for new stuff! and i love it! can't wait for the whole album!