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April 28, 2009
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thebarr64's picture

Cant wait for may 16 to see you guys at the mmrbq

hardrock_4171's picture

Great hardrock album, from start to finish, very talented band!

sadiaromi's picture

This is a great inspiring article.I am pretty much pleased with your good work.You put really helpful information. Keep it up.

DonnieSeals's picture

I heard Halestorm on a Danville, IL radio station, and then found "The Strange Case Of..." cd. You are great! Keep it up!

Grim Reaper's picture

Rockin band,...HOT vocals.

kcorl's picture

I absolutely love you guys! Keep up everything you do, it's amazing!!!!

TaraCorbett's picture

Hey! You guys have to come back to Wichita, Ks. I DJ at a lot of the bars here, and make sure to include as much of your music as I can, so people come up and are like "OMG WHO IS THAT?!!" and im like "ONLY THE BEST EFFIN BAND IN THE WORLD"

Rocker27's picture

Best First Album Ever

tnsdow1991's picture

I just discovered this album like a month ago...I LOVE it!! Been blaring it ever since...

MyDeadlySecret's picture

Damn I like ur song Love Bites ( So Do I)!!!!!!!! It rocks and it is also my fav song!!!!!!

thorntonol's picture

Lovin' the music, hope to see you guys at a meet and greet I can attend, but for now the music is the place to be. Rock on, Rock hard, and Rock till ya drop.

tigeress_201254's picture

i love every song from halestorm. im a fan for life.. just love you guys

emotionalgrl4evr's picture

hey what about Virginia beach or Richmond please i get to go to my first consort this summer. i really want to go to a Halestrom consort as my very first consort

niceguy30's picture

will you ever come back to bismarck, nd?

Alaa Achour's picture

one of the best music and lyrics i"ve ever heard .....

smoore4007's picture

So, a friend of mine knew you guys I guess and gave me a burned copy of your cd when I was in sixth grade. (I'm currently a freshman in college.) There were only about five songs on he CD and I LOVED them all. I kept the CD in my car and didn't think much of it for years. I would randomly listen to it every couple months and remember how much I loved the songs. Pulled it out yesterday after about a year of not thinking about it. I decided to look you guys up online and see what came of the awesome music. One of the songs on my CD is up here on the website...It's Not You. The lyrics on my CD are totally different though. The other four songs on it are badass too. If you haven't forgotten them, you should consider recording them. Don't know the names...because it was a mix cd...but if you want to know which songs they are...someone from the band should contact me and i'll email you guys the songs. They're fuckin real. And you guys wrote them nearly six years ago...and I still love them. Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past. :]

crystalandjason's picture

You guys totally ROCK! Love the sound, the voice, it all, you are like a mix between Janis Joplin and Joan Jett, which is totally awesome, just heard your first album and went out and bought it.

Peace, hope and love,

Crystal and Jason

PepperIsErnie's picture

Lzzy sure knows how to make music and not to forget all the other band members who also signed my album on sep. 5th 2011

sprjrny's picture

Hope you guys make it back to ST Louis, Mo soon1

jamesmugshot1991's picture

Hey guys you ROCK! I have your self titled album you know the one with you guys looking like robots and stuff well i love the entire album! I remember seeing you guys at the avalanche tour april 1st I hope to see you guys again and i'm definatly going to buy another album of yours

love and much peace!


Laurie's picture

Come to upstate NY please!

Victoria's picture

I love Halestorm you guys are the best I have all your cds!!!

metal_maniac's picture

you guys kick ass

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estanhope's picture

great rockfest last sat in kc. got there at 5 just to see you guys. if u only would have threw that cup a foot to side side i would have been happy as hell. hope u come back next year

T Kid's picture

Good music keep it up guys.

jamesmugshot1991's picture

I love its not you, i get off, familiar taste of poison, im not an angel, what were you expecting, love/hate heartbreak, dirty work, and nothing to do with love! HALESTORM FANS I LVOE YOU ALL!

Mike_4's picture

Need to come back to Chicago or Milwaukee area !! We Love Rock and you ROCK IT OUT !!

jamesmugshot1991's picture

I love this band their like one of my all time favorite bands now lol I got an autographed t shirt and their album signed :) Hope they come back to Atlanta, Georgia again LOVE YOU LIZ

Laney's picture

Looking forward to rockin it out with you guys at the Carolina Rebellion in May!